Preparing your garden beds


Mr Manure Man
Have you prepared your garden beds for summer yet?
The Hobart Agricultural Show holiday is rapidly approaching. The day after, is traditionally when the fine people of Hobart plant their tomatoes. It signals the last of the frosts that would otherwise damage baby plants.
My garden has been sadly neglected and in need of nourishment. It was time to visit Mr Manure Man.

Mr Manure Man is a local compost source.

He tells me he’s 70 odd and he’s been doing manure for around 50 years. I tried to tell him about blogs but he said ‘Love, I wouldn’t even know how to turn a computer on. I’m too old for that.’ He’s also camera shy.
Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Capsicum, Pak Choi and Fennel from Hobart’s Botanical Gardens’ veggie sale yesterday, ready to go in the newly dug and nourished garden beds

He started his business in horse manure. He tells me he used to provide it, free of charge, to Government House. Each Monday, two prisoners would come down and collect it, but it stopped when the Queen came to visit. ‘When was that?’ I said. ‘Probably, before you were even born,’ he said. I’d like to think that was true, so I’m going with that.

They thought she wouldn’t appreciate the smell and flies. That’s, Queen Elizabeth II we’re talking about, horses are in her DNA.
So he talked to his wife and they decided to put a sign on the fence, ‘$1 a bag’, and it sold like hot cakes. He hasn’t looked back and he’s expanded since with sheep and chicken manure and straw for the garden.

He’s a great source of cheap compost.

You can find him at the Glenorchy roundabout. Look for the signs on the fence. It’s not a $1 a bag anymore, but it’s still good value.

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