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This Girl has had her eye on Hejos for some time. It’s right near Genesis Health and Fitness, so I check it out almost every day. But there something about the location, which hasn’t worked too well for any establishment there and that made me a bit standoffish.
They did get a good review from Hobart-foodie icon, Graham Phillips however. But he did choose a deep-fried chicken dish.
Then they put themselves out there, and into the Entertainment Book. So there, the Lovely Deputy and I, found ourselves on a recent date night.
Hejos is unpretentious and well meaning. The table staff do their best to be attentive and are charming. It’s a little bit modern with its slideshow of happy customer images and the daily special, beaming out at patrons.
I am a sucker for a BBQ pork bun. Hejos serves you two for $6.80 and they are okay by Hobart’s standards.
Tip: It’s Me Wah that is the stand out in Hobart for pork buns.
The second entrée was the Steamed Crystal Dumpling with prawn and chive ($7.30 for three pieces) which were plump full of filling and gushing aroma.
The special calamari and vegetables was the pick of the mains. The calamari was lightly cooked, the way it should be, and surrounded in great vegies: a lovely dish.
The Chinese cuisine knows its way around duck so it’s a ‘must have’. We were both a bit hesitant of the Roast duck with Pineapple Sauce for $21.80. There really is nothing wrong with fruit in meals, particularly Asian cuisine, it works, but we were a little cautious nonetheless. It was tasty, if not boney to eat.
Then a couple of nights later, I found myself sitting in Kopitiam Singapore Café beside myself with menu-inspired excitement, while Yoga-woman sat ordering spring roll at Hejos. SMS failure!
After dashing across the Mall to meet her, I ate the pork buns again. But this time I chose the Sizzling Sliced Beef and Black Peppercorn, loaded with carrot, capsicum, onion, baby corn and celery. It was prepared as well the calamari a couple of nights earlier. The best dish from both nights, was Yoga-woman’s Roast Duck in Tom Yum Soup. It was heavily laden with the fragrant lemongrass.
There are a lot of other Asian food options in Hobart. After two meals there in a week, I didn’t find Hejos anything that would make it a choice above somewhere else.
You’re unlikely to be disappointed in your meal though, but I’m not sure they will wok you like their advertising promotes.
Notwithstanding my doubts about their specific location and the ambience being light on, it’s a reasonable inner-city option and it’s certainly worth giving a go.  You can also find out more about Hejos and their menu here.
We’d be interested to know what you thought…..

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