5 Observations on Being A Blogger


This is our 168th blog post. We’ve made a few observations in our time.

We have patient friends
We often call up our friends and ask to blog with them or about them. It might be that they fancy their 15 minutes of fame even with a pseudonym. But they do wait patiently while we ask our questions, get their opinions on their meal, and yell, ‘Hang on! I need to take a photo first!!!’

Most of our feedback is not posted on the blog

We love getting blog feedback. Most of it is really positive and engaged. But most of our feedback is through our personal Facebook pages, Twitter, texts or telephone calls. The most excellent feedback is via a random conversations with strangers, ‘Oh yeah, I read your blog on [insert post]!
If you’ve tried to post directly on the blog to no avail, try a different browser like Firefox.

We’re not into blogging rules
There’s a whole raft of blogging advice. For example, you’re meant to pick a theme and stick to it. Travel logs are often suggested, or bike maintenance…
It’s no secret Living Loving Hobart has a big food theme, but we like to talk about anything Hobart and anything that matters to The Two Girls who live in Hobart.

There’s blogging patterns too.  Five points on the topic of the day is a popular structure. In this post we’re following this rule. But mostly we don’t.

Leave them hanging is another. That’s where we’d give you one observation and tempt you into coming back for more. For example, here’s the first tip, come back next week for another. We’re more like, if we’ve got something to say, we just want to say it.
Sometimes it’s hard not to nag
It’s not so much, ‘It’s your turn’, it’s more, ‘Have you written your post yet?’ or ‘Could you post that link pullleeasseee?’ But sometimes it is a bit like One Girl and the Hanger-On.
Finding time in a rich, busy life can make blogging challenging.

Disclosure Policy
We’ve had a couple of freebies. A bottle of jam here, a couple of cakes there. The most recent was a free meal, that’s a full round of tapas, pizza, dessert and a bottle of Tasmanian sparkling. We’ve also been asked to blog about things we don’t particularly like.

So we’re introducing our Disclosure Policy. Here it is:
  • We promise not to blog about things we don’t fancy.
  • If we get a free meal we’ll tell you.
  • If we can’t write a positive blog that’s been sponsored, we won’t accept the freebie.
  • We won’t do paid advertising.

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