Ethical meat, home delivered


The Two Girls like to buy local and when it comes to meat, buying free range and grass fed is definitely the goal.

A recent internet search discovered Farmhouse Meats, who offer free range and eco-friendly Tasmanian beef, lamb, pork, chicken and small goods.

This Girl has just received her first delivery. Oh the joy of ordering online and having it delivered the very next day, fresh and vacuum-packed ready for the freezer!

They even sell real free range eggs, from hens that are allowed to roam outside during the day and have a safe place to roost of a night.

Farmhouse Meats have a website where you can place your orders, plus they also have a Facebook page that keeps you updated with
any of their specials.

Farmhouse Meats is owned by the Gangell family, who for over 70 years have been selling quality meats in southern Tasmania. They are located in Fern Tree but they don’t have a shop front, all their sales are online.
This Girl’s previous butcher always left the joint piece in the chicken thigh fillet which I would have to cut out before using.  No such thing with Farmhouse Meats, it is all neatly skinned and finished. The quality of the products is of such a high standard, you just know you’re getting beautiful fresh meat.Price-wise, Farmhouse Meats is as good, sometimes better, value than my local butcher.  Add to that the convenience of being able to shop online in your lunch break or after hours and no trips to the butcher, it is a service that This Girl totally recommends you give a try.  They deliver Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week and delivery is free if you order 5kg or more.  Check out their website for their delivery zones.

I’ve made a chicken jungle curry, chicken lasagna, spaghetti bolognaise and beef burgers from my first delivery.
I have plans for a beef ragu.
I also purchased a $5 cool box.  Next time I order, I just leave the cool box out and they pick it up, replacing it with a new one that has my order all nicely ready for me to unpack when I get home.


If you eat meat, does free range and grass fed matter to you?

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