Managing endless household chores

We don’t know about you but working full time and keeping up with the housework sometimes seems like an impossible combination.  We know there are lots of mums and dads out there – both couples and single parent households, that work and have to look after little ones as well as have to keep up with the housework … we applaud you.
The Two Girls don’t have any kids – so we’re talking about our personal experiences here!
Domestic chores take up much valuable time, there is the sweeping, washing of floors, cleaning the bathroom, toilet, dusting, vacuuming, washing windows … the list seems like it could go on forever.
So much so that every now and then This Girl considers getting a cleaner.
How I’d love to come home on a Friday night and have a sparkling bathroom and toilet, kitchen clean, floors clean and just have to deal with keeping the everyday clutter down.
Then my Scrooge McDuck side starts kicking in and I figure, just get organised!
To get organised I break down my cleaning into 15 minute tasks.  It is amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes if you are focused on just that.
This works especially well for This Girl, who is at her best first thing of a morning.  I love the feeling of leaving the house with a freshly vacuumed floor, knowing that when I get home, that job is already done.  I especially love spending 15 minutes in the kitchen where I can get a little OCD and make my sink nice and shiny.

How do you deal with your domestic drama?

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