Burger Haus, North Hobart

Food trends are contagious. We’ve had a proliferation of Asian restaurants in recent times. There’s the slow cooked, pulled meat in tacos that has sprung up all over the place. Breakfast options have been going off in Hobart. Now it’s all about the burger.

There’s nothing new about burgers. They’re a café menu mainstay. Now they have their own identity. Just the other day we were blogging about Tasman Quartermasters, today it’s North Hobart’s two-week-old Burger Haus.
Pumpkin Patch
Burger Haus has mass appeal. The proprietors are trying for a relaxed, accessible locale, and it is. It feels fresh and open, like summer. You can sit inside, on the modest deck outside in the sun, or you can takeaway.
The menu is chock-a-bloc so there is something for everyone. That goes for vegetarians too; on this menu, the vego options are not tokenistic. You can eat meat burgers everywhere, but new, good, vego options are a real treat. The Two Girls both went vego on our visit.
The menu has a couple of snacks to start you off and then there’s the burgers classified according to animal noises – moo moo, chip chip, baa baa, a couple of specialties, oh, and vegetarian of course. Kids are catered for too. There’s dessert, but no crepes on our visit, boo hoo. The Serendipity icecream tasted like it had been melted and refrozen. We say, wait until the crepes are back on.
Vegie Haus
You can buy softies and fabulous milkshakes, or you can choose one of the many beers or wine to go with.
The burgers are great and Pumpkin Patch in particular is packed full of flavour. We chose the shoestring fries and onion rings to accompany our burgers. One Girl is a huge fan of the onion ring. This Girl can live without them, but these rings are the best: thinly cut, lightly battered and quickly cooked. The meals are huge, we only managed to eat half of our burgers and sides. Bonus! They’ll pack up your leftovers to go.
It’s no ideological food. You won’t find much free-range, Tasmanian, sustainable, food miles, or other such badges on this menu. It’s just a good value, relaxed burger and beer joint. The boys from Marti Zucco’s have branched out and they’re on to a winner. Burger Haus is a perfect addition to North Hobart’s options.
Find them on Facebook here, visit them at 364A Elizabeth Street, up the alleyway from Pane Cucina, and check out the menu below.


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