Reflections on working in Hobart

The Two Girls work in the heart of the city. Not in the same location at the moment (boo hoo): one on the south side of the mall; the other, the north side.

We consider ourselves very lucky to be working in such a beautiful capital city. We have more than office buildings in our vista. There are many beautiful things to see in Hobart.

One girl looks out over West Hobart, which is a beautiful mixture of old and new architecture, beautiful trees and the magnificent Kunanyi (Mount Wellington).  Even the view of Kunanyi is ever changing. Sometimes it is in full view, sometimes the pinnacle is hidden by cloud, and then there are the days when if you didn’t know of its presence, you wouldn’t even know it was there. It is completely consumed by the weather.

The Other Girl walks through Franklin Square each day, with its huge trees and the fountain. She’s right next door to the gorgeous St David’s Park and only a short stroll away from beautiful Salamanca, with its money couldn’t buy views of the harbor.
Both Girls enjoy their daily bus rides to work from the north, through leafy suburbs.  There are some grand trees to be seen as you wind down through North Hobart.  Not just magnificent canopies but amazing tree root formations that spill out from the ground.
We really are a lucky bunch, to be able to live and work in this beautiful environment without the huge crowds of the bigger cities, less hustle and bustle, and not ever very far from the environment.
What do you like about your environment?

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