A weekend with kids

Hot-Mamma and Daddy-o headed to Brisbane for an extended weekend, the kids came to visit This Girl. This is what happened.

Water is life
Why is it so hard to get kids to drink water when water is life? Ace went to bed with a half (small) glass of water. When I asked him if he needed a drink the next morning he told me he still had some from the night before.
Full to the brim with a virus I pleaded with him, ‘Well could you drink it please?’
‘Before tomorrow!!!!’


Elena tells me Spotto is a kind-of a well-known game. Read – I am old.
You play it with yellow cars only. When you spot one driving, you yell ‘Spotto’ for one, ‘Banana Split’ for two, ‘Banana Smoothie’ for three and ‘Banana King’ for four.
Has there always been so many yellow cars on the road?
Age-appropriate entertainment
Choosing DVDs with kids is a minefield. What are the rules?
‘We watch M rated.’
‘Really? Which ones?’ (aka prove it!)
After the long list, the full story emerged, ‘It depends what’s written in the classification box.’
Madagascar 3 was great.

A sick child

Stress! Parents deal with this ALL THE TIME!!
Ace looked grey most of the weekend, which he spent hacking up his guts. Like, whole-body convulsion coughing. He coped much better than I did.
Sleeping with the heater on helped.


Kids speak another language. Ace speaks computer games. I’ve now had a complete low-down on all things Pokemon and Minecraft.
Mostly Minecraft.
And wasn’t he chuffed when the sales assistant at Smiggle said about his Minecraft jacket, ‘That is such an awesome jacket!!!!’
Big smiles all round.


If you give kids a choice of Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations, they’re always go for the one with popping candy.
When will the explosions in my head STOP!!!!


We spent Saturday morning shopping. I said I needed to get some things for others but I was also spying on the things they like. Walking through the Elizabeth Street Mall on the way to our much-deserved hot chocolate, Elena took my hand and held it while we walked down the road.
Heart flips.
Have you got a kid story to tell?
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