Dining in Mount Nelson

The Two Girls were after a pre-Christmas High Tea when we suddenly had to revise our plans due to a birth. That’s the first born of Jam and Bread proprietors, Peisha and Tim, not the Holy family.

High Tea is popular and clearly, not to be booked at the last minute.
So we went in pursuit of an alternative, close to the festive season we were looking for a nice outlook, food we would enjoy, and a place we could kick back a bit.
Hello Signal Station Brasserie!
The Signal Station is leased from the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and its seen different owners with various perspectives on food, service and entertainment over the years.
Welcome Scott Allen, we’ve been waiting some time for you!
The Two Girls took The Only Child out for an airing and found the Signal Station ‘Fully Booked’ on Saturday for lunch. Fortunately we had a reservation.
When we say fully booked, it was busy, but Scott won’t seat every table because it deflects from the service and the vibe. We were in love.
The layout is basically the enclosed deck of an old house with the kitchen and reception taking up the majority of the interior. There are also a handful of tables in what might have been the original lounge or dining room.
We were seated on the southern side of the house and looked out over the Channel.
We discovered a lovely restaurant serving as much Tasmanian produce as they can: Tassal salmon, Bagdad roo, Huonville pork, Tamar Valley beef and duck, that flew too far south.
As you could imagine, The Only Child is special, and she needs her own time and attention to make the best culinary decision possible. Scott is the most gracious and amiable host. He chatted comfortably with us while The Only Child oscillated over the menu, providing her enough time to change her mind. I mean, make the best decision for her.
Scott told us that he is fairly new to hospitality and has had the Brasserie since April. What Scott has behind him is years sitting at restaurant tables and that has shaped his customer service approach. We felt unhurried and with his attention, like we were the only customers there.


We all raved about our meals.
This Girl has the Oven Baked Duck Breast with its pistachio, cherry, orange and pear wonderments, $34.
The Other Girl had the Tasmanian Pepperberry Cured Wallaby Backstrap, with strawberry, pear, radish and parsnip, $35.
The Only Child’s final choice was the Surf and Turf, a cooked to perfection porterhouse and seafood smorgasbord, $35.
Don’t be thinking this is some lunchtime café. These are restaurant meals at restaurant prices, but the portions and the quality make you feel like you’re getting top value.
We let the Only Child and her newfound friend, our table attendant and another only child, order the desserts. Between them the decided on the following: the Chocolate hazelnut money bag; the Cherry Whiskey tart; and, the Honeycomb semifreddo. Very adult desserts all priced at $12.50.
The tart was the pick of the bunch for This Girl was the tart with its warmth and melting icecream, alcohol and fruit, what a great combination. Don’t be worried that the money bag is going to be OTT chocolate. It’s only OTT big.
The Two Girls and the Only Child felt like we’d discovered a little bit of special at the Brasserie and we intend to return. The very best to Scott and his team. They’re doing a great job making it a special place to eat and be. Have a look at their website and view the menu here.

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