Christmas Giving

The joy of gift giving

There are plenty of examples of Christmas consumerism gone too far. Some people feel that way about the Secret Santa tradition which has infiltrated the workplace and social clubs. But This Girl got to see a different side of Secret Santa with the real joy shared by my girlfriends at our final dinner for 2013.

For the record, we have all know each other a long time and our dinners together are how we stay connected. Secret Santa is a way you can manage the consumerism and expectations that can get out of control at this time of the year. We wanted to acknowledge our friendships with a Christmas gift. This way we each got to buy for just one other and we set a $20 limit.

The laughter and pure enjoyment that each person experienced as they opened their present was absolute delight.

Sewing-Mumma loved her dandelion seed print infinity scarf: her favourite ‘flower’ and trademark for her successful sewing business.

Baker-Mumma will enjoy her bottle of Tasmanian wine but what she most got a kick out of was a stash of chocolate freckles at the bottom of the wine bag. Each time we eat out she asks for extra chocolate freckles with her coffee at the end of the meal!

Too-Cool-for-School-Mumma was almost in tears when she opened her bottle of Strawberry Shortcake perfume and keyring charm! She’s had a love affair with Strawberry Shortcake since she was a girl.
Cute-and-Carer-Mumma was excited to be furnished with magnets, a key tag (handmade by Sewing-Mamma) and a set of mugs – all in owl designs – her favourite and totally in right now!

This One Girl received two funky sets of amuse bouche serving ware – something I’ve always wanted but never treated myself to.

While we all loved our presents, what I found most inspiring was the fact that each of us took the time to find something that really meant something to the friend we were gift buying for.

That’s what is important to This Girl, not the dollar value but the heart value.


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