5 Tips for surviving Hobart this week


At this time of the year Hobart could be confused with the Big Smoke. The population swells, the traffic jams and the tempers flare.
Having been out in the throng briefly over the last couple of days, here’s a few survival tips from This Girl.

Beware the Zombie apocalypse

It might be that I’ve just watched World War Z, but I saw faces at the Boxing Day Sales that looked pretty much like the walking dead.
Tip 1: Stay away from the shops unless you REALLY need something.

Foot Falcon it!

Catch a bus into town if you’re heading to the Taste of Tasmania, park at the Cenotaph and use one of the Hobart City Council shuttle buses, or park on the northern side of the CBD and walk in.
Tip 2: Leave the Salamanca car spots to people with children and those with mobility issues.

Speaking of exercise

It’s a great time of the year to be with friends and family and food. Yup, there’s often a lot of eating involved. Throw some physical activity into the mix.
Tip 3: Don’t forget to move.

Check the boot

Got friends visiting? A source with the Tasmania Police says that leaving luggage in the boot of a taxi-cab is more common than you would believe. Mr Adelaide has just borrowed my roll-on deodorant. There’s a taxi out there who hasn’t opened the boot since Friday or is the same size as Mr Adelaide. It’s inconceivable.
Tip 4: Remind visitors to remove their luggage from the boot.

Patience Iago

If you’re out and about, particularly if you’re at The Taste, reach in to your inner most resources and locate the deep well of patience within you. You’re going to need it. There’ll be nowhere
to sit but crouched near a garbage bin, 10-minute food queues, queue-jumping and jostling, and people, people, people.
Tip 5: Be kind, breathe, you’ll get served eventually and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself.

Have you got some survival tips to share?


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