A Year In Review

Living Loving Hobart 2013

While some are already trying to remember their New Year’s resolutions, The Two Girls are taking a look back over the blogging year that was.

What does home mean to you?

In 2013 we invited some special visitors into our space, contemplating the meaning of home.
Russell Kelly shared the top six signs his heart was telling him it was time to return to Hobart and asked what does home mean
to you?
Like a fish swimming up river, like a muttonbird
returning, I came back, to rediscover what it means to belong to the Earth, and
not the other way around. It was about having the wisdom to accept when I was
seeing things for the last time, and to rejoice at seeing things for the first.
Back in Hobart now for three years I am loving it. This place is mine. It owns
me. And like the universe, it expresses itself through me.

Read Going Home, and the perspectives the post provoked:

5 things

Lists of five things emerged; from kitchen tools to surviving Hobart over the festive season. We were well fed by Charcoal and in 5 Observations On Being A Blogger we introduced our Disclosure Policy.
We promise not to blog about things we don’t fancy.
If we get a free meal we’ll tell you.
If we can’t write a positive blog that’s been sponsored, we won’t accept the freebie.
We won’t do paid advertising.
The Two Girls thought Charcoal was on to something but now we hear they are regressing to a sandwich bar. Clearly, freebies won’t keep you afloat.
For other lists of five things have a look at:

What’s new in food

The Two Girls ate some awesome meals at venues that all bring a little je ne sais quoi to Hobart’s eating scene. Our foodie posts were some of our most popular. Here are just a few:

Celebrating Hobart and the people who live here

We took a moment to enjoy our beautiful Hobart on the way into work in Reflections on working in Hobart.

We’re hoping we’ll get enough of a summer this year to enjoy the State Cinema’s Rooftop Cinema again for an outdoor film (see A movie with a view).
And we spent some time in the world of local politics. Lamentably, the Dying with Dignity Bill 2013 (see Killing Me Softly) was defeated, however, with some amendments, the Tasmanian Parliament passed the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2013 and Tasmanian women and their doctors can support abortion without fear of criminal proceedings (see
our take in Hard decisions still have to be made).

We met Mel Irons, the dynamo behind the much-lauded Facebook page, Tassie Fires – We Can Help, the groundbreaking grassroots community recovery response which mobilised the goodwill of the Tasmanian community during last January’s bushfires. Read On Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness here.

We took a look at cloth and clay doll making with the magical and talented Shasta Daisy whose gift was to remind us to live our creativity: find the thing you love, the thing that challenges you, and
make it happen.

We prepared garden beds thanks to Glenorchy local, Mr Manure Man.
And we got in a cab one Friday night and found the most peaceful taxi driver in Hobart, a taxi driver called Bill with a parable about a bowl of milk. Here is A taxi ride can go one of two ways…

Of course there were not so good food experiences, household chores and the CWA packet cake scandal, but we’ll leave it here for now.

Thank you for your support during 2013 and best wishes for 2014.
The Two Girls xx

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