The Great Things Kids Do


There is no denying, kids can say and do some great things. Here’s some the Two Girls have enjoyed lately.

Great Scott, it’s a nose ring!!

Miss M at almost three years, climbed up beside me at the table and gently stroking the side of my face said, ‘Ohhhhh… have something there! What is it?’

A shirt even kids love

A couple of months ago at Miss M’s house in the country I wore my very cool shirt from Osaka. There’s no other way to say it, the shirt is covered in trucks. Miss M climbed up on my lap and stroking my arm said, ‘Ohhhh…I looovveee your shirt. It is beautiful.’
A shirt with trucks is always going to be a winner with kids.

It is what it is

I noticed Little Miss possibly 3 as I as leaving work the other day, hand in hand with her dad and skipping beside him. Without missing a beat of skipping she declared to her dad ‘Dad, I am a bit thirsty’ … super cute, no tantrums, no demanding, quite simply telling it like it was!

Just like the movies

Miss S at 2 years hadn’t seen this One Girl, her great aunty, for over a month.  When her mum pointed her out to me, she ran to me open armed … it was like one of those scenes from a love story, only so much better, it was unconditional love, true joy.

Seeing the beauty

On leaving my house, Miss S picked two tiny flowers from my lawn and then declared to her mother ‘I just have to take these to Aunty’. The best flowers I’ve ever received!

Getting the message across

Miss B all grown up and 8 now, but before that big life event, when she was 7, she called me on my birthday. I was at dinner and I didn’t hear the phone when she first called.
I managed to pick up her second call and was pleasantly surprised to hear her just start singing Happy Birthday.
She then proceeded to clap and count 40 times.  On checking my messages later that night, I found her earlier call delivered the same message, singing happy birthday and clapping and counting to 40. I’m glad I managed to pick up on her second attempt, poor girl must have been exhausted after all that singing and clapping!

The ultimate cooking compliment

Okay so Skater-boy is no kid but he’s not officially an adult yet either. During the last school holiday visit I made a Chocolate Roasted Coconut Tart with an Italian meringue topping. His draw
dropped when he laid eyes on it and when he tried it, declared gob smacked and gesticulating emphatically towards the dessert, ‘THIS IS NINE AND A HALF OUT OF TEN!!!!’
I don’t know how I lost the half point.

When two realities meet

So still on Skater-boy, his best line was after I told him I went to Zumba.
‘Zumba?’ he said, ‘I thought that was something that only existed in Infommericals!’


What’s in a compliment?


The Lovely Deputy and childers were over during Christmas. At one point I said, ‘You have such lovely hands!’ Smooch, smooch. To which ‘I’m the arty one’ said emphatically, ‘I don’t think that’s what people in relationships say.’
‘Is it?’

A dodgy reference

I took Elena and Ace out to choose their mum a Christmas present. I discovered they had lots of great ideas…for things they like themselves. Mr Bean paraphernalia and a grow your own fungi bonsai were top of the options. ‘No really, she would LOVE that!’

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