5 Things I Love About Living in Rosetta

1. The local ducks. We live close to a little rivulet and a constantly expanding family of ducks. They wander around the neighbourhood, stopping traffic as they cross the road. Every now and then, two of them, yes always two of them, stroll up to our front lawn. They stay long enough to eat some bread and have a drink of water. They are very sweet and well loved by the street.

2. The views out Derwent River water flowing under the Bowen Bridge. It’s really lovely light at night. We can also see the Derwent Entertainment Centre and the Elwick Racecourse stands out on nights when the track lights are on.
3. The Rosetta Store + Bakery. They have an online ordering system where I can place my order and then pick it up on my way home from work, or have it home delivered. The staff are always friendly and my dad reckons they make the best pasties.
4. Like the Other Girl, I love the quite in our little neighbourhood too.
5. The neighbours. We’re lucky to live in a great street with good neighbours. We have received notes in the mail letting us know about parties that will bring extra cars parking on the street and music louder than normal. They also organise a safe Halloween with a code to indicate if you want to participate. We keep an eye out for each other.
What do you love about where you live?
Here’s 5 things I love about living in Moonah by The Other Girl.

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