Preachers Bar, Knopwood Street

The Two Girls are curious about life on the fringe.

Preachers in Knopwood Street, is a bar off the beaten track. It’s a laid back alternative to the Salamanca hubbub.
The value add is that Preachers is an outdoor venue. You’ll find Astroturf, picnic tables and a scattering of pre-loved furniture in its large beer garden. Hobartians know that if we don’t get out and socialize in winter we may as well hibernate. If you hang out there in our colder months there are gas heaters to huddle under.
It also flaunts craft and boutique beers. If you just want a Cascade Draught, there are other places you can hang out.
An after work drink was in order and the Two Girls chose Preachers.
The Builder, The Suit and The Hippy, are all found at Preachers. It’s easy to find yourself a space in this environment.
The lovechild of two local boys, it’s been on the radar around three years.
The Two Girls wanted to play in the space of their tapas menu. What we ate:
Chippies, which goes without saying given One Girl is a chip addict, sausage rolls, and the lamb kofta. See the menu below for the details. The serves are generous and the menu descriptor includes the size of the plate: great info if you’re planning to share.
Menu descriptions can be a double edged sword though. In some restaurants they read as long as long as the ingredients list, there are no surprises, you know exactly what you’re getting. The down side is that they can raise your expectations with their gourmet suggestions.
Preachers tapas is a good filler while you drink in their relaxed outdoor setting.

We paid $50 for a bottle of Springvale Sparkling. The Springvale Vineyard make a nice drop of most things, and the sparkling is no different. It sells from the vineyard for $28 and around that in the bottle-o. Not in bars though, that’s why bars stay in business. Two Girls’ casual observation was that the prices were just shy of expensive.

Hobart has suddenly found its summer so why not take some friends down and enjoy a cool drink in their garden. Just don’t fill up on the tapas.
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