5 things that make for a good long weekend



1. What are you waiting for? Go on, get out there!

At the last minute, the Lovely Deputy and I decided to get out there and into the bush. Better than letting the long weekend pass us by, on Sunday we made our destination the southern entry to the Walls of Jerusalem and parked ourselves for the night on the shores of Clarence Lagoon.

A GPS was our this century’s map.

Lovely packed up his tent and trangia – read: shelter and food.
I dusted off my stash of bushwalking paraphernalia and donned thermals, gaiters and walking boots. 

I introduced Lovely to an alternative to three minute noodles. Instead we ate madeira cake, savoury mince and rice, and porridge with brown sugar and apple. Just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food.

And just like Ernie said, ‘You might just stumble across yourself’.  It was a time to really relax. It was a beautiful place to listen to the water lap metres from our feet, watch the changing colours of the sky, and rest.

All you have to do when you go away is the basics, make shelter and food, and keep dry and warm. When we returned from our walk around the lagoon and across the button grass, we took a dip in the clear waters of the lagoon. Afterwards, I laid back against a log and my backpack, and was fed perfectly toasted marshmallows and totally chilled. During the night we looked up at the massive display of stars and listened to the wind in the trees.


2. Off to the beach


Image courtesy of thebeachapartments.com.au
Hobart is officially in summer. When I got back home, I dropped off my camping gear, grabbed my togs and headed to Blackmans Bay for a dip. The water was warm and almost flat, and surprisingly, there were few people on the beach. It’s a great place for a swim and it’s only 15 minutes from the city.


3. Catching up with friends

The Two Girls took to MONA to hang out on Saturday. We ran into another friend, drank wine and caught up on our lives, with music and markets on the green, and enjoyed ourselves and each other.


4. Camaraderie 

The expectations of work are escalating and there was a stack of stuff needed for Wednesday. We all made a pact to come in on Monday and help out. It was 30 degrees outside but we all got in and helped each other. Working doesn’t make for a good a weekend but being part of a team and playing a part in achieving a shared goal does make it so much better.


5. You might just stumble upon yourself
As I write this, Stephen Fry’s documentary on homophobia is finishing and my weekend is concluding. And I’m reflecting about how lucky I am to live in Tasmania where I’m pretty safe and fortunate and here I can know and be myself. On a long weekend, I have that extra time for rediscovery.
How do you like to spend a long weekend?

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