Making Amends

Like most people, This Girl likes to think she’ll have no regrets at the end of her day.

To me, doing the right thing matters. I take my commitments seriously. ‘Do what I mean and mean what I say’, is my life’s ethos. Integrity is my big ticket
But there are things I’ve done that I’m not so proud of.

In fifth class, I was part of a small posse that teased the class outcast. Hauled in front of the Principal, at the grand age of 10, I can still remember the red-hot humiliation and reflecting on how low I could go. Picking on the last rung of the social ladder was not a high point in my primary school life. I’m sorry David!

Almost a decade ago I fell out with a good friend. One that I’d made a life long commitment to.
Over the years, it has weighed heavily on me, but for some reason that I don’t really understand, I wasn’t able to find a way back. I mean, I could give you a list of ‘stuff’ that was happening for me at the time, but at the end of the day I was just stuck.
Then I found myself sitting behind her at a fancy-pants event we were both invited to and my heart sank. How could we come back from where we’d gone?

Later we both found ourselves waiting at the bar. Hardly surprising. I said, ‘You don’t look any different’, and we hugged, chatted, drank and agreed to catch up.

When you return from a holiday, everyone’s glad you had a great time, but they don’t necessarily want to see the 1000 happy snaps you took during those couple of weeks abroad.
We don’t have to go over the past.  At the bar, I found a way back, and she graciously accommodated me.

Now it’s time to make amends.
I want to know what my godson’s favourite foods are so I can make him something special when he comes for dinner that we’ve planned. I’ve got a chance to get to know him again and I’m looking forward to it, and having my friend back in my life again.
Making amends is much better than living with regrets.

2 thoughts on “Making Amends

  1. Hi one girl – when i saw the headline of this post I thought that you were going to be making a link back to a post from last year where Wonder Woman bumped into her recent ex partner, after a sudden break up of a long relationship. Since that post i had always wondered what had happened next……and (to be frank) if Wonder Woman had attempted to make any amends in that situation……i did wonder whether WW, on reflection, might have thought she had been a bit harsh given, as you said at the time, the relationship was of long standing and you had ended it very abruptly & without warning…..are you thinking of continuing the 'making amends' theme in further posts? Making amends, and forgiveness is something ive thought a lot about in recent years and grappled with in my own life….particularly after relationship breakups and with family issues – its been a struggle for me to understand why and how to do it sometimes but ive come to realise how powerful, releasing and healing it is…….I'd be really interested to know how that situation with your ex is now?

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