Second Year Anniversary


It’s our second year of blogging and we’re off to celebrate with some of the characters that have shared this space.
In honour of our second year, this post is a dedication, and an insight, into Living Loving Hobart.
I love this place
Living and loving Hobart is about Two Girls and our lives in Hobart, Tasmania, our home and the place we love. It’s nice when other like it too. Seeing Tasmania through the eyes of tourist was a valued perspective in this post, 5 things I love about visiting Tasmania.
The unexpected
Meeting the mindful Bill, one Friday night’s taxi driver, conjured the post, A taxi ride can go one of two ways. Hobart’s great characters are part of what we love about living here. They’re not always big people or popular people or political people. Sometimes they are little people, making a big difference. An unexpected find was taxi driver Bill.
Inspiration and creativity
We met Shasta Daisy, cloth and clay doll maker in a Creative Talent. Shasta showed us how to channel our creativity and inspire.
There’s a message in there for everyone. Find the thing you love, the thing that challenges you, and make it happen – Shasta


Inspiration and creativity
Cooking was what brought the Two Girls together, or at least consolidated what we’ve got going on. When we’re not talking about the blog, we’re talking about what we’ve cooked or what we want to cook. We cook for love and we love to cook. In Our 5 favourite kitchen tools we share a little insight into our sacred space.
The most popular
Taco Taco has been our most popular post. Food talk generally is but Taco Taco, reviewed on its fifth day, went OFF and continues to get hits. It has sentimental value because it was posted practically on our first anniversary. Taco Taco is still Hobart’s first real dedication to street food.
What was your favourite post?

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