High Tea at Jam and Bread

This Girl might have publicly and profoundly declared that I’ve never done high tea.

I was quickly reminded that not so long ago I had plonked myself down in front of a giant plate of profiteroles, at a table massed with goodies and stuffed myself silly.
At the Other Girl’s high tea. Whoops!
I blame it on class. Where I grew up, tea was something you ate after 6 pm. It wasn’t so much  a high point, as fatty lamb chops grilled to an inch of their lives and three serves of mushy veg.
High tea was the equivalent of Louis Vuitton. I’d heard rumours of its existence, seen some pictures of a life of luxury, but it existed in a different dimension, among the beautiful people.
Until that plate of profiteroles, and then high tea at Jam and Bread in Margate.
Inspired by the Other Girl’s post, a posse with empty stomachs headed down the Channel on a fine Saturday afternoon.
High tea speaks of excess, and it’s hard not to get a little overwhelmed at all the fancy plates set within grabbing distance.
Pea frittata, tartlets of broadbean puree and caramelised onion, little smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches and chicken liver pate delighted the senses.
Wholesome scones with quince and strawberry jam and Chantilly cream, shortbread and chocolate mousse, lemon curd tarts, it was like a birthday party.
The mystery had revealed itself to me. High tea is a great opportunity to spend time with a lovely group of friends, savouring little lovelies and enjoying a glass or two of bubbles (It’s BYO at Jam and Bread but the Margate bottle-o is just across the road, phew! Crisis averted).
Ostensibly you’re buying a lunch, dessert and a coffee or tea.
Jam and Bread offer high tea for $30 per person. So, that’s okay value. You must book and there is a minimum booking on weekdays.
On a hot day it can get a wee bit uncomfortable in that little cottage so be prepared and take a fan. That’s only fitting a high tea anyway.
If you want to know more about Jam and Bread, find our previous post here.

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