Shoebox Cafe

shoe•box – any house, building, or other construction likened to a shoebox because of its shape or cramped area.

In this case, the other construction is a café, at 211 Elizabeth Street.
It’s a hole in the wall establishment with a queue of coffee devotees.
One Girl is one such coffee devotee most mornings. Shoebox offers a coffee card with a difference. Here you pay for your weekly coffees up front. Each day you come in and collect, your order and name remembered. You get the same type of loyalty as most other coffee shops, pay for 9 coffees and get one for free.
The Shoebox business focus is ‘on the go’ and there’s a selection of breakfast, snack and lunch options to take with.
One Girl is partial to their Egg and Bacon Pide to go with her coffee on the odd occasion. It’s become a little favourite adhoc haunt.
The Two Girls stopped in to eat in a Friday or two, ago.
This is what we ate:
The Other Girl ate her regular for $11.50 and the This Girl ate the Smoked Salmon on toast for $13.
A half dozen of us ate in and shared the collective table. A few seats line the front window and you can take a yellow vinyl armchair on the street to partake your coffee.
Brekkie for under $15 was a treat and the space is quaint. If you’re driving by, do stop in. Even if it just for coffee on the go.
Shoebox is at 211 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.  They are on Facebook and on One Girl’s most recent visit she noticed they now have their own website where she learnt they are more than just the quaint hole in the wall cafe.  They do catering, have a coffee cart available for hire and have their own Food Van that you might see around the streets of Hobart and at festivals.

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