Love Travels

Before you get a new car, you never see it, then when you buy one, the same make, model, and often the same colour, is everywhere!
I’ve just returned from a short overseas trip. Lovers were in my vista and I took in some beautiful sites. I’ve put my mind to the beginnings of a typology.
1. Young love
Remember the wonderment of your first true adult love? On my 100th lap around the airport waiting out the six hours until my domestic flight home, I came across a young couple in awe of
each other. In Gloria Jeans they sat gazing into each other’s eyes, stroking each other’s hands, whispering love to each other with fervency. In the middle of a bustling airport you can see the quietest and most intense moments between two people.
2. Joy to the world
In Abbotsfield there is a decommissioned Convent, parkland, the banks of the Yarra, a community farm and gardens, and lovers. A small moment of appreciation is warranted when you can see into a stranger’s heart. As Ms Archivist 2014 and I strolled and caught up, we came across a couple at least in their late sixties and obviously full of love for each other. They
were glowing. ‘How are you?’ I asked. Her response, an enthusiastic, ‘Lovely!’ And they were.
3. Literary companions
The digital era has hit the baby boomer with a k-POW! There’s a comfort that comes with sharing long-term companionship, and the literary types set up with His and Her Kindles are no
4. Hand holders
One of my favourites is the couple sharing their holiday adventure together. What catches my eye is the arm that suddenly extends into the space between them, searching until it finds the other and they continue on hand in hand.
5. Nobody else but you
I noticed several couples on my travel who could have been sharing the secret of the universe with each other. There’s a deep respect and appreciation in those moments when nobody else exists.
That’s five observations of lovers in holiday mode.
There may have been travel meltdowns and boredom and relationships verging on the end, but I didn’t notice those. That’s because I’m not driving that model.

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