Giving thanks


This is not an Easter post, although I do worship the cult of chocolate, so Easter is a special time for me.
It’s not religious either. I gave that up years ago.
This Girl has been putting her mind to the things that I am thankful for and today seems like as good a time as any to reflect on them.
1. For the use of my body
On holidays last week in New Zealand, I walked, a lot. I saw new places, forest, beaches, views, got sand beneath my toes, walked up and down mountains, and looked out at the ocean.
I haven’t been in the pool for weeks, today I dived in, and deciding to go hard I swam two kilometres.
After those walks, and again today, I’m thinking about how good it is to feel tired because I’ve been in my body and enjoyed using it.
2. For an able mind
Small things like the word app, Wordament, or the next potential addiction, Quiz Up, and the bigger things like reading, analysis, problem solving, and trying to see things from someone else’s point of view: using my mind’s capacity is one of the things I value most.
3. For communion
As in, the sharing of bread and wine, thoughts and feelings, in devotion to the people I care about is what I’m talking about. Yesterday, a group of my friends shared lunch. We made food together and ate, played games, enjoyed each other’s company and relaxed. I give thanks for these times.
4. Freedom of expression
Today some Facebook friends had an exchange over one of my posts. Nothing too confronting, but definitely a difference in opinion. They said their piece. Born in other places we couldn’t do this, here we can. I like it, and I’m getting better at accepting the differences that come with this freedom.
5. Feeling love
I must have been six or seven and I remember jumping up and down on my bed singing something I’d seen on Countdown that evening. The song is long gone, but I remember asking my mum who’d come to put me to bed, why so many songs were about love. She told me it was because love was one of the most important things in the world. It is pretty good, and the last word goes to Paul Keating on the matter.
‘You’ve got to go through life with someone
thinking you’re special. When you’ve got to get your sword out for real combat,
I think having the love quotient working for you is very powerful.’
Amen to that.
What do you give thanks for?

2 thoughts on “Giving thanks

  1. I'm always thankful for an able body, an able mind and family, and ever more so as the years roll on. On a slightly fluffier level I'm also thankful for my Kindle, sewing machine and my Garmin watch. 🙂 xoxoxo

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