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For five years the Global Kitchen café has been in residence just down the road, at 38A Main Road Moonah. Two Girls finally went for lunch.

I’ve heard mumblings about it for some time, good value, good food etc but since I’m not at home during weekdays and don’t think to source food in my own locale often on the weekends, I’d just never got there. A break over Easter was what The Two Girls needed to visit the Global Kitchen.
This is good home cooked style food in a homely setting. There’s no pretentiousness here. It’s bain-marie and a conglomeration of retro furniture. Seated at our own dining table, I felt like I was in my former kitchen before I grew up and got matching furniture. It is comfortable and relaxing.
Their specialty is a bit of everything. The cuisine is multicultural. You’ll find Korean, Italian, African and Indian.
The menu is simple:
The chicken is African curry and cabbage roll.
The beef is lasagna and bulgogi.
The vegetarian options are vegetable curry with potato, carrot and onion; dahl, sweet potato, green been, cabbage and pancake.
We chose modifications on the bit of everything. Neither of us needed lasagna and This Girl chose the cabbage roll over the vegetable curry and the Other Girl, vice versa.
A heaped entrée plate will cost you $9. If you’ve got the stamina or have been on a fast, you can go a main size for $12.
They must sell the cheapest ham and cheese toastie in Hobart, $5 with a hot drink.
The place was pumping when we arrived for a 1pm lunch. While we waited, the man in front of us bought $36 worth of takeaway in about 5 containers. For the size of the serves and the price, why wouldn’t you stock up, feed others or freeze it. It’s excellent value.
Tasty you ask? The meal was delicious, portions large enough to appreciate each individual taste, the warmth of spice without being overwhelmed. And those lovely little vegetable pancakes were a delight.
The Global Kitchen is a celebration of diversity in food and it is an inclusive space witnessed by its diverse customers, cultures, ages and occupations.
Moonah’s great isn’t it?
Do yourself a favour, go check them out. But don’t leave it until closing time, they’re guaranteed to be sold out.
They’re opposite the BP Servo on Main Road, Moonah.

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  1. I (and my kids….all 4 of them) have been fans of global kitchen for years. I appreciate that my kids have alsways been welcome there (they have a few old toys and some colouring in stuff) and my kids LOVE the food. If it is quiet the owner has even fed my littlest while I took another child to the toilet! It is my kids ALL-TIME favourite place to eat so we go there quite a bit it seems!! Glad to see the word re: Global Kitchen goodness is being spread!

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