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This Girl had a coffee date with Aunt Maisy. Truth be told, she’s not my aunt. Nor is her name Maisy. In fact, she doesn’t even identify as a woman, but that’s another story.
It was a Friday after a busy week and a birthday week and I wasn’t quite finished enjoying myself. I wanted something yummy to eat so we traded our coffee date for lunch and found ourselves at pOp on Collins Street.
pOp is a wholesome café. Child-friendly, free-range, Nordic aesthetic, and sandwiches, burgers and snacks ready to go or hot pressed to order.
You can sit outside and watch Collins Street buzz, choose your own table or share a bench with others.
Aunt Maisy is a regular and could vouch for most of the display cabinet like the bacon and red cabbage slaw sanga. She loves a hot treat and their muffins warmed with gooey jammy insides.
I love something spicy and chose the beef and jalapeno burrito, as requested, a yummy lunch. It packed a decent punch. Aunty Maisy returned to the blue cheese beef burger and said:
The piquancy of the blue cheese sauce offset the delicate sweetness of the carmelised onions beautifully.
The Other Girl and Too Cool for School Mumma decided to check out pOp too on an impromptu catch up over lunch. It had been on her list of places to try and since it’s close to Too Cool’s work, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.
pOp looks like just another café when you walk in, but then you read their menu! Their menu options are huge and the Hot Dog menu had The Other Girl intrigued, however she figured that could be another visit. On this occasion she chose the Portugese Chicken Burger (free range chicken, some fresh salad veggies and pOp’s own Chilli sauce) – a delight with just the right hint of heat.
Too Cool ate their beef burger and said it was beautiful. We agree it is a great place to grab a tasty and quick lunch in the city, it may even become a regular place for catch ups!
Visit them at 178 Collins Street, Hobart. Call them on 6234 7999. Find them on Facebook here.

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