Lesley Black’s Chutney Food Cafe

Coffee with Winter Opening Hours
In the middle of Tasmania’s hibernation season when you’re more likely to see a closed sign or shorter opening hours, the Chutney Food Café opens its doors.
Lesley Black’s is a renowned producer of readily available Tasmanian chutneys, relishes, mustard and savoury sauces.
After a tip off from work colleague, IT Girl, This Girl texted The Other Girl to get out of bed and took her for coffee and breakfast at Lesley Black’s Chutney Food Café.
On our early morning arrival we were enthusiastically greeted by the man and his dog, and some friendly regular from the mechanics across the road.
Chutney Food Cafe is a side line for owner David. He has his iron in a number of fires. He is Chief Steward at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards (coffee section) which will be judged during
There may be truth to the rumour that we’ve just started, that David is a party animal. Well he’s certainly seen on the Tasmanian festivals circuit a lot.
He owns Rosti Chalet which you may have seen The Taste, Seafarers Festival, Bellerive and the Spring Community Festival at the Botanical Gardens to name just a few. Rosti Chalet produces delicious potato rostis, toppings include fresh Tassal smoked salmon, honey brown mushrooms, Wursthaus bacon, beautiful Tassie cheeses and of course, their own famous Lesley Black’s chutneys and relishes.
The colder months are a chance for David to indulge in other interests when his equipment isn’t in use for the many festivals he frequents during our beautiful summers.
Lesley Black’s Chutney Food Café is breakfast on the run breakfast at its best. A small selection but a great mix of sweet and savoury options and good coffee to go with. David uses Oomph coffee and as a My State employee was overheard declaring ‘This is the best coffee’, we agree, the coffee is good!
This Girl had the egg and bacon pide with their own tangy chutney, an absolute delight. The Other Girl, who enjoys a sweet early in the morning, had the Raspberry and White Choc muffin.
David makes the banana bread and muffins in-house and makes up the egg and bacon pide and ham and cheese croissants. He sources croissants and fruit bread from Daci and Daci, because of their quality. David comments on the sustainable food trend and reflecting on quality says as a Chef he has always made it his business to be in close contact with his suppliers. He knows that to create good food, you need to use good products, this includes using free range and ethically farmed produce.
This is David’s third extended winter in the café and the Two Girls reckon the demand for his coffee and tasty on-the-go breakfast items will mean he’ll be there for many more.
As we were leaving a woman who parks across the road told us she had been waiting for David to reopen and we could see she was delighted to get her coffee and cheese and chutney muffin.
Lesley Black’s Chutney Food Cafe is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
7am to 11am Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
This year the café is opened until mid/late November. 
You can find David and the lovely Teen (who’s on a lead) at 118 Melville Street.
Find out about Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards here.
You can buy their product at the café or at various places around town and numerous gourmet food stockists on the web. Knock yourself out.
Our happy tummies courtesy of John, thank you x

One thought on “Lesley Black’s Chutney Food Cafe

  1. hi there…
    I don’t know if you can help me…
    I used to use one of your products that was a beetroot relish / or have beetroot in it..
    I have been searching high and low but cannot seem to find any of your products that have beetroot in it at all now.. I remember it was brand names Lesley Black’s (which, for a while my memory thought was ‘lady black’ – this didn’t help at all in locating you!) do you have – or use to make something with beetroot in it? It was, by far, the best I had ever had and I really want to buy it again..

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