Capulus Espresso

Capulus Espresso
Heading to the airport one early April morning, This Girl got a text from the Other Girl who zoomed by Hobart’s latest coffee shop but wasn’t able to stop.

A few days later I called in for a quick coffee.

Capulus Espresso is just beside Bespoke Hair in Tasma Street, North Hobart.

When This Girl clapped eyes on barista and owner, Dan Smith, she knew she was guaranteed a good coffee. Originally from Melbourne, I first encountered Dan when he set up the drive-thru Cuppa Coffee Company in the car park of the Maypole Hotel, New Town. He then moved on to Salt in Moonah for a year before coming across a little garage space on the fringe of Hobart’s CBD and decided to venture out on his own.

A barista is not their coffee skills alone. A coffee shop owner is also their customer service. It’s been almost six months since my last coffee at Salt and Dan remembered my order!

Capulus is a hole in the wall type coffee shop with a difference. While they only serve in take-away cups, if you want to sit and drink your coffee, you can. Out front seated on a milk crate or in the space behind the café shared with Bespoke Hair. The latter is pretty groovy, with a DJ area, turntables, café style tables and chairs, a television and art work that changes every 4 – 6 weeks. Together these businesses are creating a little enclave, using the urban footprint creatively and adding more definition to Elizabeth Street by boosting the retail space between the city and North Hobart.

Capulus have been open for about 12 weeks and have a steady stream of Hobartians that are looking to get a decent coffee quickly and early. Dan opens at 6am every weekday and there is plenty of parking in Tasma Street for those of you that drive and a bus stop just around the corner in Elizabeth Street.

You can also check Capulus out on Facebook.

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