The Dragon Bowl, Hobart

Dragon Bowl may have shaken off the bad juju that’s surrounded 196 Macquarie Street for decades.

I took Boozy Friday Lunch Friend there on their third week open and as we walked in I told him about when the venue was an Italian restaurant and remembered a meal of non-descript pasta drowning in a tomato sauce like soup. I stared down at my meal wondering what was worse, the table attendant’s thumbprint on the plate lip or the swimming gluten. The Italian restaurant moved out and an Indian restaurant moved in. It was a different cuisine but the same scenario, pedestrian food and service.
Dragon Bowl has broken the mould.
This Girl’s observations from lunch:
Flavorsome tastes
Affable customer service
Good value

It was a quiet Friday and we shared the restaurant with two others. They chose the lunch special. There’s a half dozen or so meals designed for a quick lunch – soup followed by a main and rice and $15 each. Lunch specials include Satay Chicken, Szechuan Beef and Sweet and Sour Pork in Batter.

The main size is….now how should this be best described, tapping of chin, oh yeah, HUGE!!! Good luck to you if you can finish it.

Boozy and I took our cues from the main menu and had:
Peking Duck, six pieces, pre-folded pancakes, $32. I’ve had better and I’ve had worse, they weren’t bad, I’d have them again.
Chicken and eggplant hot pot, $20, a modestly spicy dish, a little more eggplant than chicken, but tasty and a good choice.
Beef in XO sauce, $20, XO house-made sauce, surrounded by plenty of veggies and the pick of the meals. De-LISH!
Unless you’re partial to banana or fried icecream, skip over the desserts. It’s better to invest in an entrée.
It’s a basic, affordable wine list, we chose the Rose.
It’s still not a venue you would go to looking for ambience but it’s light and spacious and you’ll be well fed without paying a fortune.
These guys are pretty new to the foodie scene and it would be good to have them around awhile. We reckon give the Dragon Bowl a go.
Address:   196 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS 7000
Phone:      0487 796 368
Hours:       12 noon – 3.30 pm, 5.30 – 10.00 pm


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