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The niche at 3/129 Bathurst Street is one of Hobart’s most petite food and drink venues. With Katrina Birchmeir and Luke Burgess divesting themselves of Garagistes, its sideline, Sidecar, has been the first to go.

The rebranded Small-fry Hobart is headed up by young’uns and relative newbies, Rhys Hannan and April Matusik (and Rhys’ brother and silent partner…shhhh!). Rhys’ credentials come courtesy of the Agrarian Kitchen and SoHo’s Ginger Brown and April’s recent pastry qualifications are evident in her fresh and inspired approach to her product.

Barring new signage, they’re keeping up appearances with their predecessor.

With respect to their elders, the décor has remained the same, and in relation to what’s on offer, an eye to quality and distinctiveness is still evident.
What Small-fry can’t be accused of is pretentiousness.

They have taken a successful aesthetic and made it their own, with a quirky menu of casual eating, from breakfast, right through to evening drinks and small meals.

The Two Girls arrived late Tuesday on their day of opening and shared the apple crumble (to die for) donut and the chocolate meringue crowned with a posy of dried violets by Glazed. Glazed is the work of April, also known to Rhys as Future Wifey. After eating the said donut with a delicious spiced apple magic centre, we’re not surprised. We have a little soft spot for Alice too.
Donuts by Glazed: Peanut butter, freeze-dried raspberries and rhubarb, strawberry and vanilla jam; Salted caramel and caramelised banana jam with chocolate flakes; and Apple crumble with April’s spiced apple magic.
This Girl returned the next day (and the day after) just to make sure the donuts were up to standard. This could become a habit.
Hobart is blessed with a growing café life competing for a menu with a difference. For something seemingly unassuming, Small-fry has risen to the challenge.

Don’t fret, you’ll still see a fry up and toast on the menu, but you’ll also find a robust winter brekkie of duck cassoulet, or for the nostalgic, cereal and cartoons. Remember coco pops in front of the telly on a Saturday morning? Well you’re an adult now so it’s almond, pistachio, leatherwood and quinoa granola, kiwi fruit yoghurt and some play time on their iPad.

Monday, 7.30 am – 3.00 ish pm 
Tuesday – Wednesday, 7.30 am – 5.30 ish pm 
Thursday – Friday, 7.30 am – 8.30 ish pm 
Saturday, 8.30 am – 8.30 ish pm

We’ll be heading back soon to try more (than the donuts).
Small-fry is bursting with fresh potential and we wish them well. Why don’t you stop by? And if you get there for a meal before we do, let us know what you think.Small-fry Hobart opened on Tuesday 15 July 2014.

Find them on Facebook here.
See our post on Ginger Brown here.

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