Hobart’s Intercity Cycleway


Intercity cycleway
It’s one of our most underrated assets.
Hobart’s intercity cycleway connects Hobart’s Domain to Claremont along about 15 kilometres of cement path.
Living only minutes from the track, I don’t take advantage of it enough.
On a beautiful crisp blue Winter Sunday morning, there are really no excuses.
I ride the track grinning like a fool. The enjoyment on the bike track is contagious. There’s plenty of smiling among the cyclists and pedestrians who use it. Here’s a few of the things you can do on the cycleway.
A few of the things you can do on the cycleway

Get fit.

Appreciate Tom Samek’s mural.

Count the MAMILs.

Pick up supplies at Stonemans – I bought a bag of green manure.

Walk through the Peace Park.
Stop in a MONA for a coffee or a cocktail and admire the art.
Reflect on Hobart’s cultural diversity, young, old, people with disabilities, Hazara, Burmese. Hobart’s identity is here.
Have a picnic – there’s plenty of places to stop to have a sandwich.
Enjoy the vista – there are beautiful views up over the Wellington ranges and over the Derwent to the eastern shore.
Find out more about trains at Hobart’s Transport Museum.
Sit down on the grass on the edge of Cadbury’s estate and look across at Windermere Bay.
Play on the swings.
Grab a well-deserved ice-cream at Valhalla on the way home.
For more information on the cycleway have a look here.
Here’s the route.
This is when The Two Girls visited the Island Markets.
Here’s a few other things we love about Hobart:
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On sustainable food – FIMBY.
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