The MKR Girls from Hobart

Meet Thalia and Bianca

This Girl is a fan of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) and was surprised when Gore Grind Devote called up to tell me that the Tassie Team, Thalia and Bianca, had just been in at his work to buy glass jars!

So I made a date to meet them at Hobart’s Farm Gate Market recently.

As I watched them at their market stall, what I noticed most was that these two Tassie girls are just plain lovely. They love people and are generous with their time with their supporters.  Happily going about selling their product but equally happy having a chat and selfie with anyone who asks.

Bianca and Thalia met in grade seven of high school.  They both grew up in food-orientated homes, with food sourced fresh from the local market.  This is what drove their home restaurant theme for MKR, the market kitchen.

They have been lucky enough to have enjoyed many holidays in Greece with Thalia’s family, and this is where their love for food was cemented.  In fact they were in Greece when they got the call they were accepted into MKR!

The girls were accidental entrants even though they had had MKR in their sights for some time.
During the previous season, they talked about the show so much their boss at Flippers take away, Victoria Docks said, ‘Just apply!!’  While they didn’t quite get around to it, they were approached by MKR scouts at the North Hobart Italian Festivale who asked them if they knew of anyone that could cook. The rest as they say, is history!

There’s a five-month trial period before you’re accepted, so the pressure doesn’t just start at the beginning of the television show.

During the ‘instant restaurant stage’ of the show the girls cooked Bianca’s grandma’s chicken liver pate with brioche buns and chutney.  The pressure was on but the girls rocked, with both judges scoring them a perfect 10 each.  The lovely Manu Feildel even said ‘If your Grandma was here right now I would give her a kiss on both cheeks’.
Since being eliminated from MKR, the girls decided to give their own business a go and have started T and B Market Kitchen.
They make fresh batches of Bianca’s grandma’s now famous pate each week and sell it at the Farm Gate Market.  There are no preservatives and they use all Tassie produce.
They spend the Saturdays before the market cooking – the smell of pate in the air (and in their clothes) – something very familiar to the girls now.  They have been lucky enough to be able to use the kitchen in their old school canteen.

The girls want to extend their products and get into local delis, however they don’t want to have preservatives in their food, which means it will take some more time to get the right products. They would also like to ship their products interstate and would ultimately love to produce a cook book.

Bianca says they will stay in Tassie, it is who they are and they love the Tassie produce.  Plus they love the Farm Gate Market atmosphere.

Selling at the market, it is a sense of community, buying the product straight from the source.
They’ve been doing the markets for a couple of months now.
It is a good way to meet people and talk to other people who love food.


Stop in and say hello next time you’re at the Farm Gate Market and try some of their delicious pate.  The Two Girls are keen to try the new offerings Tand B have been talking about on their Facebook page!

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