What Friends Are Made Of!

My friend Skye
Some time ago the Other Girl dedicated a post to me.  Today I dedicate this post to That Girl, Skye.
 Skye is the most amazing strong, beautiful, independent woman.  To me she’s a real life Wonder Woman. Skye is the type of role model that I wish every girl had in their life.
 She even transforms into Wonder Woman mode when needed!  She once left her bag on the bus and it had taken off before she realised.
Immediately she bounced into action running the length of the mall in pursuit of the bus.  The exertion paid off, she managed to meet up with it in time to collect her bag.  Images of Linda Carter spinning and transforming into Wonder Woman played in my head as she told the story, Skye even has the sexy yet sensible shoes going on!
She’s adventurous and somewhat spontaneous for a list writer!
She enjoys living life and being happy and is one of those glass half full individuals.  She’s the kind of gal that you just want to spend time with.  She loves to love and be loved.  If you are
lucky enough to be in Skye’s world you know that she gives herself to you.  She makes time for you and truly cherishes the times you are together.
She’s Nigella, Julia Child, Neil Perry and Matt Moran all in one.  Skye is a foodie and her dedication to the Gourmet Traveller is like no-other I’ve encountered.  She bakes the most delicious and
perfect looking cakes and desserts; I’m talking recipes where others would fear to tread.
A simple invitation of come around for dinner sees you lavished with beautiful creations that you would expect to find in some of Tassie’s, if not Australia’s best restaurants, seriously!  And it isn’t just her cooking, she is the hostess with the mostess, after a visit to Skye’s you are never left wanting.
 She is thoughtful, caring and quite simply my rock.  One of my most treasured possessions is a card that she gave me not long after my brother died, on his birthday.
Dates marked on calendars in recognition
Days marked off the calendar in anticipation
Days otherwise unremarkable except by their marked memories
Days in memory of a dear brother
And of what used to be, what wasn’t and what could have been, should
have been.
Today we are remembering your big brother, the kids’ dad, your folks
little boy.
I honour him with you.
She may not know this, but I carry that card with me every day. On days when I’m missing my brother, I read and re-read it and feel the comfort of knowing I have her support engulf me.
 She’s a mentor to me. I am lucky enough to not only have Skye as a friend, but also to have had the experience of her being a workmate, a manager and of course, my co-blogger and foodie pal.  When I say co-blogger I really mean lead blogger!  Skye has skills in writing and motivation that I long for.  I am getting there, with the help of her mentoring me in the way of the written word!
 She’s my partner in taking over the world – one blog at a time!
My mum always says ‘true friends are worth their weight in gold’.  Skye is actually that and more, I reckon she’s worth her weight in Platinum!
Check out Skye’s post on Ange here

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