Drive-thru Coffee and a Drycleaners

Sometimes you just want a coffee to go, you’re in a hurry, you can’t find a park, or it might just be cold, Tassie morning, Bridgewater Jerry, cold.

Gioconda drive-thru coffee has opened on Main Road, Moonah (between Hopkins and Fleet Streets).
Good coffee is a big deal in Moonah. The options are limited. Now you can get a great coffee without getting out of your car.
It’s colocated with a dry-cleaners so you can always walk in to refuel, take a seat, and conveniently get your laundry done, all at the same time.
Either way, you’ll enjoy a mighty fine beverage and the company of Gioconda’s delightful manager Mischa, and barista Michael.
That’s good coffee, convenience and big personalities.
Open now for around a month, it’s the latest addition to Moonah’s ever-evolving shopping strip.
While Moonah options are limited, Hobart is not short of a café, but drive-thru coffee is still pretty fresh.
Ironically, the drive-thru is big in the Sunshine State where it’s not cold….but that’s where Mischa hails from, and she wanted to try it out in Hobart. The idea crystallised when she located coffee roaster, Gioconda in Devonport, secured the perfect location, and voila!
Fact: Mischa was part of the team that turned the Doctor Syntax around. The Two Girls have checked the great reviews on TripAdvisor and we think it’s time we headed down there.  Watch this space!
We’re happy to report the coffee is quality and you don’t pay extra for soymilk.
You won’t wait long for your coffee either. Mischa and Michael are a tightly run ship. If you find yourself second in line, you’ll likely find Mischa at your car, fast tracking your order.
This Girl’s coffee was ready by the time I got to the window at my recent drive-thru experience, and my coffee was delivered to the door.
They have some grab and go food options too like, slices and pies sourced locally from Tasmanian Bakeries and one of Misch’s friends makes their muffins.
They’ve taken a different approach to the loyalty card: you only need to buy five coffees before you can grab a freebie.
The Two Girls are big believers that the vibe matters to the success of a business.
Mischa and Michael have a great dynamic, they’re welcoming and it’s clear they enjoy each other’s company, having fun with each other and their customers. You may even be lucky enough to hear Michael sing, he’s an entertainer too.
Gioconda’s parent site opened in Rooke Street, Devonport in August 2013 and that is where the magic of coffee roasting happens by Josh. Their roaster is in full view of the customers so you get the complete experience. While they don’t roast in the Moonah store, luckily they sell their coffee beans for customers to enjoy at home.
During the early hours of the morning you won’t miss the Gioconda car with its flashing light on top of its roof, letting you know they are open for business!
They are co-located with Excellente Dry Cleaning at 131 Main Road, Moonah.
They’re open Monday to Friday, 6 am – 2.30 pm and from 7 am Saturday.
Find them on Facebook here and watch for their advertised specials, such as a coffee and muffin combo for $6 that This Girl and Devotee took advantage of recently.
Other places we like in Moonah:
Coffee kindly provided by Mischa, all the best Mischa and Michael for Gioconda.
Do you know about the Bridgewater Jerry?

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