Lenah Valley Walks


The foothills of Kunanyi
On an early spring Hobart Sunday morning you can loll around in bed or you can get moving.
With Kunanyi (Mount Wellington) as our backdrop, bushwalking is the pastime of may locals. At the Springs last weekend I also came across American tourists, weaving their way around Mountain. Looking for a spring.
This morning, Sweet Cathy who’s preparing herself for the Inca trail and I, took to Kunanyi again.
This time from Lenah Valley. I usually walk on Kunanyi from the Waterworks or Ridgeway or Ferntree.
Lenah Valley is much closer to both of us.
There’s parking at the end of Lenah Valley Road where there are numerous walking (and bike riding) tracks to enjoy depending on available time and fitness.
We walked to the New Town Falls then on to Junction Cabin where many walks meet. It’s estimated at about an hour and a half but can be done a little quicker. We stopped for a drink, ate some cake and talked awhile with a fellow traveller, poring over the Mount Wellington Walks map together comparing hikes and café tips.
We went on to about half way to the Chalet on Kunanyi until the day’s passing got the better of us. We descended taking the Lenah Valley fire trail on our return. Not as pretty as the way up but denser bush with views out to the back of Glenorchy.
Things we saw on the way:
  • Bursts of golden wattle.
  • A political advisor.
  • A dog going for a run with his owner.
  • Half a dozen young men on mountain bikes including one who had ridden from Kingston.


If you haven’t walked the mountain from Lenah Valley it’s lovely. Why don’t you give it a try?
The first milestone is New Town Falls.
About the Lenah Valley track and more see here.
For information on Mount Wellington walking and bike tracks see here.
Here’s another walk we blogged about, A Myrtle forest in Collinsvale.

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