Saying Good Morning

A powerful way to connect as community
A guest blog by Adele


Every morning I walk to work I have a wee conversation with the fellow who works in the plant hire store across the road. I cut through the yard, and enjoy our morning exchange.  Sometimes he ribs me about being late. Sometimes we talk about jumping in puddles.  Sometimes we just say good morning.
Yesterday it was the latter. He was busy; up to his armpits in nuts, bolts and a healthy quantum of grease. But we both smiled; that’s where the money is. I felt happy as I wandered up the small hill towards town.
At the top of the hill I passed a woman and her daughter. The woman’s hair was covered, but her face was feeling the cool air as much as mine. She held her daughter’s hand tightly.  Her daughter was blissfully unaware that she and her mother shared the footpath with others. She balanced on garden edgings singing ‘This old man’ with great confidence and not an insignificant amount of pride. I smiled broadly at the mother. She looked shyly up and commenced a bland ‘How do you do?’ type smile. On meeting my eyes, we shared a silent moment acknowledging how precious her daughter is. Her smile grew, and she was delighted.
And so I felt delighted too. Then as I crossed the park, I waved a morning greeting at the leaf blowing man. He always seems to look for me in the mornings. Maybe I’m the only person who greets him. He waved happily at me. And this made me feel even better.
As I walked in the door to my work, it didn’t matter that my much loved colleagues were engrossed in their day. I felt buoyant from those moments I’d shared with strangers. And there’s no doubt that my team will laugh later. About something. Together. It’s what we do.
 Should we say good morning more?


Adele is purveyor of style and architecture. She recently bought a sixties apartment in Sandy Bay and walks along Sandy Bay Road and through St David’s Park each morning, enjoying the community, the changing seasons and her internal monologue.  Her head firmly in the clouds, her sojourns to reality leave her scarpering to a safer place of creative escape at every opportunity.

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