5 observations on 18 year olds


A 40-something perspective
Eighteen years old is a land far far away now.
But after two weeks in Thailand recently with two of them, This Girl has a few observations.

They know how to shop

Eighteen year olds prefer to spend their money on cosmetics and fake Jimmy Choo than sightseeing, alcohol and practically anything else, including water in  30+ degree heat. Bargaining comes naturally. Missy could often be seen staring down a shop assistant saying, ‘Do you want the sale or not?’

They can sleep practically anywhere

15 minute taxi rides, the bus from the airport, the airport. Usually with their mouths open and a painful head nod. Forty-somethings don’t sleep enough. We just look on with envy. And take
embarrassing photos.

They don’t know what they’re missing

Focused on shopping means they don’t see architecture, culture, diversity and their travelling companions. As much as eighteen year olds are adults, they’re also not quite there yet either.

They can connect to wifi before you can say wifi

Messenger, Facebook, GoPro, Twitter, Email, Instagram, whatever, they’re up with all of it. And before you’ve found ‘Settings’ they’ve posted their location.

Their palates haven’t developed yet

Faced with five pages of cocktail menu they have to ask, ‘What do you think I’d like?’ Their drink of choice is vodka and orange.
‘Would I like Campari?’ No.
To their credit they discovered Peruvian Pisco and enjoyed it with passionfruit syrup.
For more on those cocktails check out the post 5 foodie observations from Thailand.

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