Amici Restaurant

A number of food venues have tried to make the corner of Elizabeth and Tasma Streets work over the years. Amici Italian seems to have stuck.
It’s easy to miss restaurants off the well-worn restaurant strips; Elizabeth Street between Burnett and Federal; Salamanca; Battery Point. But if you walk an extra block or so you can be in for a surprise.
The Two Girls have been giving it sideways glances from the bus for years. Then an opportunity to visit availed itself.
On our Thursday night visit, Amici looked completely full. It’s obvious that this is a busy, popular restaurant. Without a booking and packed to the rafters, we were welcomed and found a table.
This Girl was a little bit thrilled to discover Phillip Fletcher had taken up residence as maître d’. Formerly of Astor Grill, Mr Fletcher knows how to manage a restaurant and he knows customer service. For many years This Girl was an Astor Grill regular and Mr Fletcher always demonstrated the right balance of professionalism and humour. In a busier and more casual restaurant, he does all the same things, but more quickly.
Amici is a family style Italian. The menu is extensive. The prices won’t break the bank. The service is friendly and attentive.
What we ate:
Herb bread, $3.90, easily a serve for four.
Prawn & Crab Ravioli served in a creamy chive bisque sauce, $ 30.90 for a main size.
Pollo Pancetta Gnocchi, chicken, spring onion, brandy and cream, $23.90 for an entrée size.
Rocket rocket leaves, shaved parmesan and balsamic vinegar, $9.90 for the small serve.
Tira-mi-su, Tia maria & coffee soaked sponge finger biscuits, layered with marscapone cheese, $14.90.
White Chocolate Mousse with hazelnut praline and chocolate curls, $14.90.
The ravioli was the pick of the dishes with the right balance of cream, herbs and seafood. The gnocchi was tasty although the chicken was a little overcooked.
This Girl prefers her own Tira-mi-su, just sayin, regardless, it was a passable dessert and good value. The white chocolate mousse was a white chocolate delight. Which means The Other Girl made the best menu decisions at Amici.
Overall we found Amici to be a pleasant surprise and one we’ll keep on the list if we’re looking for pasta and a casual restaurant in NoHo.
They’re open Tuesday – Sunday, 5 pm – 10 pm and on Friday they’re open for lunch between 12 noon – 2 pm.
You can find Amici Restaurant, 310 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart.
Call them on 6234 7973.
Have a look at the extensive menu on their website here. They also do takeaway.
Find them on Facebook here.
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