5 Hot Hobart Establishments

Hobart has been spoilt by choice recently with the opening of some impressive restaurants, cafes and bars. They’re new and changing the food scene in Hobart for the better.

Here’s our take on the five you’ll want to make time to visit.

  1. Frank Restaurant and Bar


Housed on Franklin Wharf with water views one side and leafy green Morrison Street on the other, Frank Restaurant and Bar is the place you will want to be.

Self-professed modern Australian with Southern American influences, Frank plays hosts to asado and Latino flavours in MONA-esque architecture. A central cage, floor to ceiling windows, themed with South American deities, black, pink and red; graffiti, and decent sized slabs of Tasmanian timber. The design is gorgeous and just a little bit Melbourne, but better, because it’s here. Created by the gorgeous Smolt owners, their signature style is on display.

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You’ll find them at 1 Franklin Wharf, Hobart.  They’re open 11:00 am until midnight, Monday to Sunday

  1. Room for a Pony

Room for a Pony

Few North Hobart and CBD cafes get the full force of the morning sun. At Room for a Pony they’ve taken advantage of their location with plenty of outdoor seating and courtesy sunscreen. You might watch cars go by but you’re outside and there’s space.

The design enjoys its fifties heritage and there are quirky additions like stainless steel buckets that grow vines up the trellis wall that separates the front of house from the café tables.

Room for a pony has been created by Mendel and Drew. Mendel is ex-Knopwoods along with chef, Christian Allen.

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They’re located at 338 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart. You can call them on 6231 0508 but they don’t take reservations.  They’re open from 8am until 4pm Monday to Friday for Breakfast, Lunch and Coffee!

  1. Willing Bros Wine Merchants

Willing Bros

It it’s one thing North hobart has been missing, it’s a wine bar.  The doors of Willing Bros Wine Merchants have opened and their inner workings are there for all to see.  The cellar is embedded in the wall next to exposed brick, incandescent globes hang in an art installation above your head and tapas is prepared at the bar in front of you.

Willing Bros is a collaboration between Mr Personality, Jacob Nunn; Carl Windsor, Raincheck’s mastermind and mixologist without peer, James Kingston.

They’ve delivered a comfortable contemporary bar befitting North Hobart, A space created by their own blood sweat and tears.

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They’re located at 90 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart. They’re open from 5:30pm.

  1. Franklin 


 The much-anticipated restaurant from Executive Chef, David Moyle and collaborator, Ben Lindell.

Housed in the Mercury’s former printing press floor, Franklin is terrazzo, polished cement and steel framed windows. Think contemporary, chic, minimalist, steel grey; its nearest style neighbour in Hobart is Garagistes.

The expanse of the bar is standing room only although you’ll find a few seats along its perimeter and two low, amoebae-shaped tables and harsh milking stools on which to perch.

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They’re located at 30 Argyle St, Hobart and you can call them on 6234 3375. They’re open Thursday to Monday from 5:30pm.

  1. Small Fry 

Small Fry

The niche on Bathurst Street is one of Hobart’s most petite food and drink venues.

Barring new signage, they’re keeping up appearances with their predecessor. With respect to their elders, the décor has remained the same, and in relation to what’s on offer, an eye to quality and distinctiveness is still evident.

What Small-fry can’t be accused of is pretentiousness. They have taken a successful aesthetic and made it their own, with a quirky menu of casual eating, from breakfast, right through to evening drinks
and small meals.

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They are located at 3/129 Bathurst St, Hobart and are open Monday to Saturday.  Check their specific opening times in our blog.

These five posts have been some of our most successful. Tasmania’s food scene is going off and you guys want to know all about it.

Thanks for your support, The Two Girls xx


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