Making lists


Is making lists obsessive or organised?
This Girl is a big list writer.
At work I always write lists of tasks I have to do get the jobs of the day done. I once itemised all the tasks needed for a job that would take three months to finish. Days allocated to drafting documents, consultation, sign off, printing etc etc. It was the longest list ever!
I write lists at home too.
I write a menu plan each fortnight and the shopping list to match. Then I separate it into what I need to buy fresh each week. When I run into someone I know at the Supe and they see the list, they usually back away slowly.

I project plan Christmas dinner and other big events. I list what can be cooked three days before, two days before, the day prior, and what has to be prepped on the big day.

I also write lists of things to do on the weekend. Things I want to achieve. Today it reads:

  • Write a blog post (tick)
  • Clean the oven (that is THE worst chore EVER! But it’s been about two years so it’s time)
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Clean the bedroom (I separate the cleaning items so I can cross each off individually and get a sense of achievement)
  • Load of washing
  • Read my book.
What I like about lists is it keeps me focused and gets me moving. Things are less likely to get on top of me because I’ve got on top of them first.
But I always put more on my lists than I can achieve and get frustrated when I don’t. Sometimes it means I’m not so spontaneous.
For me, they can be both help and a hindrance.

Are you a list maker?

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