For the Love of Avocado

When I first declared my love of avocado, Uncle Dick told me it was the fruit of the gods.
Watching Yoga-Woman’s one year old smear it from the top of her head to the bottom of her dad’s feet, I grimaced at the mess, then admired its creamy texture.
I hadn’t come across the avocado growing up. As a young adult in Townsville, like mangoes, they littered suburban yards from overexposure. But I’d just discovered them and it was hard to imagine anything more sensual. I thought Adam shortsighted to lose face over an apple. If you’re going to fall, let it be for something gorgeous.
Deep sea green on the outside and retro on the inside. I painted my kitchen the same colour.
The avocado is burlesque shaped, all curve.
Its texture shares the same sensual qualities, on first blush, firm, when you get to know it, easily malleable.
I’ve been known to single-handedly finish off large bowls of guacamole. I slice it over Tex-Mex. I make a mean chunky salsa with orange olive oil, tomatoes, green pepper, spring onions, cucumber and avocado. I add it to chicken, mushrooms, cream and pasta. But most of all I just love it on toast.
I toast sourdough, slice avocado over the top and sprinkle it with lime or lemon juice and cracked black pepper.
If I want a little bling, I’ll add sliced chilli and sometimes a slice of tomato.
If it needs to sustain me, I’ll poach an egg and crumble feta over the top.
It’s easy comfort food and it’s a little decadent too. Homely, yet elite.
If I eat brekkie out, I hover over avocado on toast on the menu.
My two favourites are Berta and Daci and Daci.
Berta does a great avocado on toast that’s hard to go by, except that their menu is simply exquisite and there’s a lot of competition.
Daci and Daci also do a great avocado on toast and I never go by it when I’m there. They drizzle a little aioli that amplifies the fruit’s smooth texture and adds a little zing.
Avocado on toast; it’s just about the best thing ever.
We have’t blogged about Daci and Daci but we did review their donuts in one of our first posts ever, find it here.
Our post on Berta.

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