It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas …

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas in our household, but now it’s the day before the big man travels the world it should be!

Like the Other Girl, Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year.  Work had me travelling around the state for 3 weeks and working on weekends.  It has quite simply been hectic.

While not normally a list writer, there is the exception of my Christmas gift list – this year I didn’t even get to that. What I do have instead is a dining table filled with purchases and the hope that I have got something for everyone. As I sort through and wrap them, I’m relying on my memory and as I’ve noted in a previous post, sometimes my memory banks get full, so I’m expecting a last minute dash for those forgotten presents.

My Christmas did officially start a few days ago when I had a breakfast catch-up with Milly, her present the very first I wrapped.  Today I’m excited about my Christmas Eve morning with two of my RugRats and the Little Ones!

The thing that was stressing me out the most is that I hadn’t started my Christmas cooking.  One week out from Christmas and there were no fruit cakes cooling on cooling trays, no melted snowmen cookies and no cashew and cranberry balls.

Dedicated to fixing this distressing issue, over the past few days my kitchen has been filled with the smells of Christmas and my tupperware containers are full!  I even managed to make some trail mix biscotti.

So it is Christmas Eve and I’m on track and feeling better!

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