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If you live in Hobart, you’ve probably been visiting the Taste of Tasmania for years.

If you don’t know it, the Taste of Tasmania is a giant, 12-hour a day, week long, Tassie food bonanza.
It has been much lauded for showcasing Tasmanian food, wines, ciders and beers. Its popularity has increased exponentially over the years and it’s now a major tourist destination.
If you’re a local it’s also a giant party. You generally see a half dozen people you know when you’re there. It can be a great place to socialise with friends and families, dwelling over a couple of bottles of wine and grazing over a wide selection of food.

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Everyone has a favourite they look forward to: Huon tempura mushrooms, Pacha Muma’s wallaby burrito, a Christmas Hills raspberry farm dessert, a glass of Clover Hill sparkling.

Situated at Princes Wharf number 1, you can sit outside on the waterfront and watch the Hobart to Sydney yachts come in. It’s grown in size in recent years too, expanding onto the Salamanca side with extra seating and more food and drinks stalls.

Image courtesy of Taste of Tasmania facebook
Hobartians either love it or hate it.
There’s nothing really new here for locals. Most of what is on offer can be enjoyed at an inner city restaurant with comfortable seating and table service. Two things you won’t find at the Taste. The Taste has offered a profile to some of our emerging food vans however, making them more accessible to people who don’t go so much on casual eating.
Finding seating can be a challenge. You’ll probably be wondering if you’re having fun yet if you’re nursing your plate on your lap or eating while standing. Lovely Cathy and I went last New Year’s day with everyone else, and sat perched between the gas cylinder of a food stall and a recycle bin. But it was in the cool shade.
The Hobart City Council has introduced a table booking system which secures you a space of your own in the throng; an essential for big groups unless you’re willing to get there on opening time.
Image courtesy of Taste of Tasmania facebook

Locals have decried prices and portion sizes over the years. Something that seems to have been rectified this year with more affordable ‘taste’ plates at many stalls.

Over the years This Girl has tried to find the perfect time to visit when the crowds are at their thinnest. Trouble is this varies with the days of the week the Taste falls on and the return to work for most punters.


This year I popped in with my little sista, the Bone, and we went around half three. Lunch was mostly over and the dinner crowd was yet to arrive. Timing mid-meal meant that the crowds were not at their most claustrophobic and it was possible to get served and find a small place to seat.

With dinner only a few hours away, we were both after something snack-sized. We both chose from the Flamecake stall. Flamecake is a relatively recent addition to Hobart’s food van scene and winner of the best new entry at the Taste in the stall holders’ awards. It is a Bavarian/French pizza (somebody somewhere just cursed) made with a sourdough base using local Callington Mill flour and topped with Meader Valley crème fraiche.

I had a slice of the Huon, $6, with Tongola goat’s cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, rocket and balsamic glaze. The Bone had a speck rahmfleck flatbread made of rye and potato sourdough topped with Boks bacon, spring onion, garlic and herbs, $10. They were both delicious and predictably, the rahmfleck was much denser and more of a meal.

A big fan of Springvale Winery, I chose the Pinot Gris, $7 from memory. It was a bit more acidic than I was anticipating so I packed up a bottle of the reserve chardonnay to take home with me.

The Bone didn’t choose a sweetie but I went for the ice cream sandwich of strawberry ice cream and marshmallows between two crunchy biscuits. Ice cream sandwiches are a winner. It was around $7 too and crazy popular particularly on a hot day at the Taste.

What’s you fav food at the Taste?
 Do you have any survival tips?
For more information on the Taste of Tasmania find the official site here.
Find Flamecake on Facebook here.
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One thought on “Taste of Tasmania

  1. Visited the Taste for the first time. While we managed to go in a reasonably quiet time,I found it rather underwhelming. Perhaps because the build up and hype of it being one of 'the' food events of the year raised my expectations too high? The majority of food that we tried – while pretty good – suffered from what I can only describe as 'market mass production issues' which I normally would expect.

    Having said this, I can see why it would be a winner if you wanted to get boozy with an expendable coin purse and a bunch of friends in the summer sun!

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