Waste Not, Want Not

This Girl loves her own space and today is the day, the day where our visitors have left and Devotee has gone back to work.  The house is mine alone, apart from the ever present puppy!

Washing, decluttering and cleaning filled my morning and it was time for a tea break.  I decided to also partake in a piece of my fruit cake, however to my disappointment it had started to dry out and was not the treat I was looking for!

The holidays have been so full of festive food that the poor fruitcake had been overlooked and now was past its prime!  Not wanting to throw it away, Google came to the rescue with a link to this Chocolate Fruitcake Rum Balls recipe.

The recipe calls for 800g of fruitcake, however I only had about 500g so I adapted the quantities slightly.

Making the balls are super simple and took me only around 20 minutes.  Crumble the cake, sprinkle with rum, melt the chocolate and then stir it into the cake mix.

I managed to get 54 balls out of the leftover cake, all happily coated in coconut and setting in the fridge!

This mixture is pretty sticky when rolling so here are a couple of tips from This Girl that will make this part a little easier.

  1. Have a bowl of cold water nearby so you can slightly wet your hands before rolling into balls, it reduces the amount of mixture sticking to your hands.
  2. Fill your sink with warm soapy water and have a clean hand towel close by.  When you move from forming the balls to coating in coconut, you can quickly wash and dry your hands.

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