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Image courtesy of MOMA.

‘Eat my friends’ might sound a little strange coming from a vegetarian but MONA market’s Creative Director Kirsha Kaechele reckons if you’re going to eat something, you should know how, and from where, your food has been sourced.

Think local and sustainable.
Image courtesy of Nicholls Rivulet Organic Farm.

Think also fresh. Starting Saturday 17 January 2015, you’ll find food at the market that doesn’t suffer from commercial overexposure. The market has an eye to showcasing new produce. The first market for the year will cater for big crowds however, so food and drink curator, Jo Cook, is also bringing back some old favourites. The twist is that they’ll be offering something exclusive to Saturday’s market.

Image courtesy of Lady Hester.

Moorilla’s Moo Brew will feature. Sourdough donut maker, Lady Hester will do a chocolate and dark ale cake with crème fraiche and young berries. Nicholls Rivulet Organic Farm will do a dark ale beef pie.

The very now Flamecake will be there (see our Taste of Tasmania post where the flamecake went down a treat here).

Image courtesy of Flamecake.

Vegan foodies, Aaron and Renee of Conscious Lifestyle, will be there with their seasonal organic fruit. For the first market it will be mostly in a smoothie format, with Richmond milk and their own honey, because they came off second best with this week’s torrential rain.

Product new to This Girl includes Black Mountain Larder’s small batch crème anglaise ice cream and milkshakes, Cantina Latina’s empanadas done three ways and Chow Chow’s steamed bao with pulled pork or tofu and shiitake. You’ll probably find me at one of, or all of these stalls.
Old favourites like Chikko Cafe Vietnamese, Pacha Mama burritos and Bruny Island Seafood will all be back, along with This Girl’s favourite beverage stall, MONA cocktails.

Image courtesy of Pacha Mama.

There’s more food of course, but we’ll leave those stalls up to your own path of discovery.

The market is a no garbage zone. All cutlery and crockery is wash, reuse, return. You’ll be served the rescued cherries from Conscious Lifestyle and ice cream from Black Mountain Larder in coconut shell bowls, which are quaint but are not souvenirs.
There’ll be plenty of cider on offer too: Lost Pippin, Red Sails, Willie Smiths and Coal Valley.
This Girl is thinking Jo is either a cider connoisseur or this growing cider trade of ours means something. Jo’s money is on the latter. She says there’s definitely a cider revival or a cider revolution. Make that an apple revival and a cider revolution. She reminds me that in 2012 this Apple Isle of ours didn’t export one apple.

Image courtesy of Coal Valley Cider.

A marker for the obliteration of the apple industry, which saw the grubbing out of around 2000 apple orchards, and traditions and livelihoods lost or at least stunted in the decades past. Now the remaining 20 or so orchards left in the Huon Valley have found a niche, it’s artisan and local and creating a cider trail.

They’ll all be there because of the first week scale up but over the coming weeks, they’ll be taking turns each week. Fancy some serious cider tasting? Then this is the week.
And of course there’ll be produce and craft to buy and take home and music throughout the afternoon. It’s not all about food and drink apparently.

Image courtesy of MoMa.

The first market is on Saturday 17 January 2015, 12 noon until 5pm. From then on, the market will be held on Sundays until Easter because Sunday is the day of rest and you’re encouraged to chill and enjoy your time on MONA’s green.

The Two Girls are keen for some of Adam James’ Chinese-Mexican fusion but we’ll have to wait until next week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rough Rice won’t make it to the first market for 2015.Here’s the MoMa website for more information about the markets and all the FOOD!!.

Here’s our link to last year’s post, MONA Market.


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