Peppermint Bay Cruise and a Shared Meal

You don’t often play tourist in your hometown. Tourist guide is more common. I went so often to Port Arthur in my first eighteen months in Hobart, I can never go back.
When the Queensland and Sydney family descended over the Christmas-New Year period they wanted to do stuff.
A cruise from Hobart down the D’entrecasteaux Channel to Peppermint Bay at Woodbridge was on the itinerary.
The body of water between Bruny Island and the townships from Snug to Gordon was named after French explorer, Antoine Raymond Joseph de Bruni d’Entrecastreaux. Now it’s known
fondly as the Channel to locals. It’s a lovely coastline and it’s not unusual to see seals, cormorants and a sea eagle. You’ll take in the silver Banksias and blue gum of the Alum Cliffs and the caves and rock formations of Tinderbox.
I’ve been previously. Ten years ago when the family was last here and the lunch was a Tasmanian produce bento box and again around two years ago. The Lovely Deputy took me, Skater boy and ‘I’m the arty one’. I still had fond memories of the early dating phase, nervously getting to know the kids and a delicious meal when we reached Woodbridge.
This time around I discovered the tourist route can be pretty relaxing. The family and I chilled on the boat with a beverage or two, chatted and watched the coastline pass, listening occasionally to the commentary and taking the odd photo.
We arrived at Woodbridge at noon and enjoyed a four course shared meal. We started with an antipasto plate that was followed by cauliflower, sage and burnt butter soup.
The main meal was slow cooked lamb shoulder, green leaves and a quinoa salad.
There was a morsel of salted caramel fudge to finish.
Lunch is a lovely meal and you can enjoy it with a bottle of Tassie wine available at the bar. We chose a Home Hill pinor noir, $50, and the Derwent Estate pinot rose, $38 per bottle which is also available by the glass.
Big Sis is gluten free and her youngest has gone vego. They catered for both adequately.
Leaving at 10.30 am from Hobart, the cruise takes an hour and a half to reach Peppermint Bay at Woodbridge. Tickets are $128 per person on the Captains Upper Deck where there is a maximum of 18 guests or $98 on the main deck where there is a maximum of 30 people. We chose the main deck and there was plenty of room to breathe.

The catamaran leaves around 2 pm so there’s a little time after lunch to look around the town of Woodbridge. You might find a souvenir to take home.

The tour and its lunch is recommended for tourists and locals looking for a relaxing day on the water and a good meal.You can book a tour at the new Brooke Street Pier. Find our post here.

You can find out more about Peppermint Bay Cruises here.
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Find out a little about what happened to David Doyle formerly from the Stackings restaurant at Peppermint Bay at his new Hobart restaurant called Franklin.

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