Snug Falls

Snug Falls
Thirty minutes from Hobart, just outside a little village with the cutest name in Tasmania, you’ll find Snug Falls.
In search of amusements for my visiting sister, Bone, The Lovely Deputy suggested a short walk.
Snug Falls is classified as an easy walk of 45-60 minutes return.
To find it, you head from Hobart on the southern outlet and then on to the Channel Highway (B68). Follow the signs to Margate and Kettering; you’ll find Snug in between. Turn right onto Snug Falls Road and drive five to ten minutes. At the fork in the road, take the left onto Snug Tiers Road and drive a further five minutes. It is a single lane dirt road with plenty of passing bays.

There’s parking within 100 metres of so of the beginning of the track which starts further up the road and on the right hand side.

The walk took us half an hour and a little less on the way back. We chatted and took lots of photos which kept us to a leisurely pace. We also found ourselves watching our feet a lot more than we did on our return. The path to the falls has a gentle downhill gradient with the unevenness that comes
from tree roots and rocks.
The Bone accustomed to the great outdoors of Newtown, Sydney, suggested that a walking shoe be worn. This Girl wore Keens sandals and they were perfectly suitable. Most walkers were in joggers. Whilst I found it a relatively easy walk, Bone suggested that for people not in such good health, it was harder.

There are three or so rest spots along the route for a sit down if required. We used one on our return.

When you arrive at the falls you can perch on the river rocks and stay awhile.
We crossed to the opposite bank and sat amongst ferns, drew, wrote, chatted, but most of all just sat taking in the peaceful environment and the beauty of the falls that drop 20 or so metres.


There was probably 20 or 30 people on the track at one stage or another the day we went but it did not disturb what a very relaxing place the falls is. Watching a waterfall and smelling the bush is centering. And a nice way to spend time with your sister.

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