Boronia Beach, Kingston


The Tasmanian coastline is studded with beautiful beaches. Some have received accolades for the world’s best hot spot like the Bay of Fires. The iconic Wineglass Bay that could never suffer from overexposure, or the wild of Marrawah in the North West.
The small spaces on our coast don’t always get the notice they deserve.
Between Kingston and Blackmans Bay lies one such place.
Boronia Beach is a secluded little spot accessed from the pine-lined Jindabyne Road where you can park and walk 10 minutes down to the beach past bounding wallabies.
When you take in the vista on a blue day you could be in the Mediterranean, the water is azule. Of course, you’ll be peering through Casuarina and gum.
You’ll come out onto a small beach or you can walk around the coastline a few minutes to a protected bay where the water is a little deeper and you can snorkel amongst kelp and
puffer fish, sea dragons and skate.
There’s a walk north along the coast to Kingston and it only takes 15 or so minutes. You can go for lunch or a coffee. If you’re in need, there’s a stylish 1960s toilet block opposite the beach to the right of the cafes.
Boronia Beach is a lovely spot for a walk, a picnic or a swim. Take some friends so they can enjoy it too.


Here’s some other walks: Lenah Valley and the Myrtle Forest Collinsvale.
Kingston is nice too, here’s a post on 5 things I love about living in Kingston from a guest blogger John Stephenson.

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