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‘Come in for the Alpaca’, Mat, ex-Osteria and new Property of Pilgrim co-Manager called out over his shoulder as we passed each other in the bar at Franklin.
I’m not as gourmand as I like to think I am. I don’t eat olives and blue cheese but there are plenty of things I’ll give a go. In Peru I tried Pisco Sours, Cuy and Alpaca. I still drink the Pisco Sour. I couldn’t bare the roast guinea pig served whole, hairy paws and all, and I don’t remember the Alpaca. I suspect that’s because of the Pisco Sours.

If I eat weekday brekkie out somewhere, it’s generally Property of Pilgrim. I mostly order the crumpets, served with quince jam in winter and raspberry in summer. I had the most beautiful breakfast of my life there once and promised chef Christian Ryan my first child as a result, brioche French toast, violet anglaise, Pilgrim potpourri. I just can’t begin…seriously…good.

But the café doesn’t get much natural light and as a result, it’s not my first choice for a summer lunch. I sit at a computer all day and I’d rather be able to enjoy the sun.

Property of Pilgrim is more of a cool, dark, hip cave. It’s perfect for mornings and for winter eating in my view.
Mat also said the café was bumping things up a notch and would soon be licensed. Now he had my attention. I’m easily led.
Boozy Friday Lunch Friend and I made our first lunch date for the year at Property of Pilgrim.
What we ate:
Peruvian spiced alpaca bun, $18
Tasmanian beef, $20
Buttermilk and honey waffles, $16

We drank the crisp Coal Valley Riesling with its modest body and slight effervescence.

The selling point of alpaca is it is tender and lean. To my tastes, it’s something between goat and lamb. It was a good burger and good value given its main ingredient is off the radar.
I once had wallaby in a blueberry jus. It was an awesome combination and so was the Tasmanian beef. This Girl usually chooses the vego options on menus, I don’t get excited about slabs of animal. But this was gorgeous meat complemented by Tasmanian berries and moistened with sour cream and it was a delight, an opportunity to savour and focus on the good quality Tasmanian product.
The icy addition of the kunzea icecream made the waffles a little more dessert than breakfast. A tip of the hat to a new Tasmanian ingredient, sourced from a myrtle and loaded with health benefits.
We almost, but not quite, missed dessert and chose an additional main of heirloom tomatoes, Tongola goats curd, zucchini, baby basil and sourdough. Mr Ryan is reveling in local and seasonal.
Notably, there was a limited supply of quince Pagan cider picked by Christian and his partner, Heiki, the other half of the Property of Pilgrim management team.
Mr Ryan is celebrating Tasmanian produce in his cooking and he never gets it wrong.
His considered menu won’t overwhelm you with choices but it will provide options that push the envelope.
You’ll find Property of Pilgrim at 52 Liverpool Street, Hobart. They don’t do resos.
Find them on Facebook here.


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