Alabama Hotel – A Room With A View on the Street of Love

One of the many lovely things about Hobart is that it isn’t over-shadowed by tall buildings. Rooftop bars are all the rage on Bangkok’s high-rises. But you don’t need the heady heights of multi-storeys for a view.In Australia we’ve spread greedily over the horizontal landscape. But in the interests of sustainability and reducing our urban footprint we need to start looking up.

An elevated position is symbol of great things. Instead of being swept along in the hustle and bustle, you can observe it. There’s distance between you and the every day. And there’s more space, you’re closer to the sky.

Accused of being too happy too many times on Liverpool Street, the Lovely Deputy and I started calling it the Street of Love. One afternoon interrupted from gazing into each other’s eyes,
we looked up at an art deco façade and planter boxes above the bike shop.At that stage, the Alabama Hotel didn’t have a public license but we were struck by the quirky space established in the former UTAS student accommodation.

The Alabama Hotel has Hobart’s only balcony. And now they have a public license and a small blackboard menu of eats made on site.This Girl sipped a Derwent Estate pinot gris and chatted to Aedan Howlett, co-owner of the Alabama with its retro bar and affordable, boutique accommodation.

The Alabama Hotel is Aedan’s kin, a low key, relaxed affair.

It is the perfect place if you’re flying solo or for a small gathering. You can sit under a beach umbrella on the balcony or inside on club lounges.

They have a good collection of beers and ciders and a handful of wines and spirits.

This Girl always chooses the Derwent Estate and on this occasion I couldn’t go past the chocolate brownie and salted caramel sauce. It seemed like the perfect combination. But there’s
nuts and cheeses and muffins which might be suiting the consumption of alcohol beverages.Aedan tells me that creating an enjoyable, affordable, boutique hotel and artistic space, has always been the focus. The Alabama offers something much more interesting than your standard
hotel or motel because it is unique, artistic and changing.
Aedan and partner Kelly Cloake are collectors and half the furnishings have come from their house, making for a funky, retro, eclectic feel and more space at home.The Alabama is alive with the things that fill it and which provide its dimensions. These things will come and go because it is a liveable space. They’re not precious about belongings;
everything is to be used and enjoyed. Furnishings and knick-knacks will be replaced with new discoveries.

The accommodation is speaking to a broad demographic provided you can live with a room that doesn’t come with a tellie or an ensuite. Plenty can.Aedan says that still makes for lots of young 20 to 30 year old couples from Melbourne and Sydney, but they’re not the only ones making reservations.

The bar usage is diversifying too, from friends and associates, to small groups of regulars, walk-ins and more and more, the guests are venturing in too.

Tip: It’s thought that the hotel was named after the visiting American naval ship the USS Alabama. Find out more about the building’s history by going to the Alabama Hotel’s website. The link is below.

Kelly is from far North Queensland and Aedan grew up in Fremantle which is where they met ten years ago. They’ve been in Hobart about six and a half.When asked what Aedan loves about Hobart he says lots of things but mostly its community.

In their 18 months at the Alabama Hotel, Kelly and Aedan have created more than groovy accommodation and as bar, they’re created place and community is obvious here.His eating out tip, or at least the place he eats from the most is the Maharaja Indian restaurant in Bathurst Street which he classes as Hobart’s best Indian. The Two Girls really like it too.

You can find the Alabama Hotel at Level 1, 72 Liverpool Street, Hobart.
Find out more on their website here.
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