My Slice of Pie Cafe, Mountain River


There’s something wholesome about a slice of pie. Buttery-rich pastry, homegrown fruit, scattered sugar, Grandma’s cooking, country life.

My slice of pie is a little cafe in the Huon Valley hamlet of Mountain River.
Head cook, Christine Bowden and husband Rodney, own the orchard next door to the cafe, with almost 1100 cherry and 12000 apple trees.

They’ve built a kit-home around a commercial kitchen where Christine can bake to her heart’s content and feed locals and passers-by.

If you are after a groovy, urban cafe experience, stay in Hobart. My Slice of Pie is like you’ve stopped in for morning tea with a second cousin or a great Aunt and one of the neighbours has popped in for a chat. It is a modern residence built on an exposed block, it’s neat and tidy and it’s staffed by locals that Christine says arrived unsolicited. The cafe will celebrate its second birthday in March this year.

You’ll find Devonshire tea, apple pie, cherry clafoutis and a French lesson at My Slice of Pie.
We arrived late morning and The Other Girl channeled her inner parent when This Girl chose the dessert instead of lunch. So we started by sharing the Ploughman’s lunch with two cups of soup for $21: the lunch is $15 and add $3 each per cup of soup. The soup was a robust bacon, pear, potato and broccoli complemented by a rustic, herbed damper. The lunch was satisfying with the soup, but otherwise it was a little light on to live up to its name.

Healthy serves of scones, jam and cream whizzed by. Our necks whiplashed.

This Girl is a fan of the clafoutis. It’s a simple, delicious, seasonal fruit based-dessert. Dust your fruit in flour, mix the flan base, bake until it puffs and becomes golden. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with cream.
The arrival of the cherry clafoutis was heralded with one of its fruity embellishments bouncing across the floor. Easily washed off and returned to its undercooked home. We lamented we hadn’t chosen the scones.

My Slice of Pie seems to be servicing the locals well, some of whom arrive on horses they tether to bushes to munch on, so no one misses out.

The main business of the orchard services the export fruit market and the seconds are pulped for our growing cider trade that they’re connected to by their son who manages Willy Smiths at Grove. Watch for our post on them shortly.
My Slice of Pie is sign posted from the highway. You’ve probably driven by many times and wondered like we have.

Now our curiosity is satisfied. If you’re passing you might want to drop in. The coffee is the best in Mountain River. It’s probably the only coffee in Mountain River of course, but it is good.

You can find My Slice of Pie at 111 Dip Road Mountain River.
Find them on Facebook here.
For more home cooking but this time on the Eastern shore, see our post on Moto Vecchia.


Here’s the last time we got a lesson in linguistics at the Italian Pantry.

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