Easter Baking

Easter is bouncing toward us and This Girl is getting organised. For This Girl, Easter is a time to spend with family.

Easter eggs have been purchased for the fun of the Easter egg hunt, Little Miss Independent (4) is at the perfect age to enjoy it this year. Lady P is adamant that at 14 she still deserves to be part of the hunt and not the hide!

Instead of chocolate gifts for my workmates, I normally do some baking. This year I saw the cutest Easter theme biscuits on Pinterest and decided to give them a go!

Firstly I baked a load of round biscuits using my never fail sugar biscuit recipe.

Then onto my favourite cookie butter icing recipe (minus the almond extract).

Topping the biscuits with the icing and the marshmallows also pretty much a breeze!

So far so good, but then!

This Girl, like many others I’m sure, was deceived by Pinterest. These biscuits looked so easy to create and in fact they were, until it was time to add the detail to the bunny paws!

My icing was too runny to create the delicate paw prints using the piping bag, my first few were just a messy blob of icing on marshmallow. Lady P was happy to report that they still tasted good however!

Not one to be beaten, I found a bamboo skewer did the trick, albeit making it a long, long task to complete!

Given the time it took to make each biscuit, I decided to limit the number of Bunny Bottoms to just enough for The Other Girl’s household and one each for my workmates.

The rest were quickly turned into biscuit sandwiches filled with the delicious icing! Not as fancy but still pretty awesome tasting!

What Easter baking are you up to?
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